Author Topic: NYCC: Comics Get Global at New York Comic-Con (PW Article)  (Read 9482 times)

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Re: NYCC: Comics Get Global at New York Comic-Con (PW Article)
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2013, 11:26:47 AM »
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Sorry I violated the forum policy. I hope my feedback assists NYCC in securing their facilities.

No worries, and I totally hope the nycc folk take you up on your offer!
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Re: NYCC: Comics Get Global at New York Comic-Con (PW Article)
« Reply #16 on: November 01, 2013, 11:49:28 AM »
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The point of RFID, is to prevent overcrowding. When it comes to badge sharing, you can't enter without a badge was tapped in first and not tapped out. That prevents two people from being inside the building, at same time, using same badge. It is possible though, for multiple people use the same badge, but come in at different times/days. But you still have one person per badge at once.

That wasn't what was happening at NYCC though. I was there, I saw it. I have video. People would walk up to one of the staff scanning badges and their badge wouldn't scan. They would tell the staffer that they "forgot" to tap out and the staffer lets them in. I saw it happen dozens of time. It's an easy fix for NYCC with a little more staff training. The problem area was the entrances to the left and right of the professional reg/will-call area. There was not an auxiliary "help desk" for people whose badges didn't scan. Outside on the main drive, if a badge didn't scan in (because the person forgot to tap out) they would send the attendee to a set of customer service stations to the right. Inside, they didn't have this so the poor staff scanning badges had no support or help when a badge didn't scan. Out of frustration, they just let the person in.

And overcrowding is just a fraction of what RFID is used for. RFID allows companies to mail out credentials ahead of time because it eliminates the problem of counterfeiting as well as people who lose or forget to bring their badge when they show up. RFID allows you to turn "off" a lost or stolen badge and issue a replacement, without the risk of two valid badges being "out there." RFID also assists in tracking traffic and crowd flow. It would have been smart of them to scan at the main stage, the Exhibit hall, and the Empire room. Tracking the flow of traffic is critical to a successful event. RFID can also be used for exhibitors to do targeted mailings and (if they were really smart) scan at the entrance to a panel room then sell that data to the studio producing the panel. Marketing databases are worth their weight in gold, and can you imagine how much you could sell a VERY targeted list of fans to a studio for? This would have been much more beneficial to NYCC than the way they used it (for entry only). And the associated Twitter fiasco it caused?? I'm still so grateful I didn't link my badge to my social media account and have them post FAKE tweets on my behalf. Jeez!

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Re: NYCC: Comics Get Global at New York Comic-Con (PW Article)
« Reply #17 on: Today at 11:52:39 AM »

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Re: NYCC: Comics Get Global at New York Comic-Con (PW Article)
« Reply #17 on: November 05, 2013, 02:47:31 PM »
One simple tactic they could use was having attendees wear the badges at all times like SDCC does. I also saw several people walking around with no badge. Many I'm sure had it in their pocket or bag, but I know a few used that "sneak in" system Comic Girl writes about. Make them wear it, if security or NYCC staff see someone without one, ask to see it and tell them to put it on. If they ain't got one, give them the boot.

I guess the reality of all this is that NYCC is now reaching the level that they have to care and begin to put these measures in place because they are getting so big. When you were smaller, it wasn't such a big deal, but it will be now. It's like the posts we had about attendees taking advantage of disability services at SDCC. Only at SDCC is it so big and so competitive that this is a true issue. I bet at smaller cons this is just not a significant issue, it's not at NYCC either, but when get that big and popular then all that s**t starts to come out. Sad.
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