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The Protector - Netflix
« on: January 18, 2023, 09:59:14 AM »
Either I am late to discovering this because I have exhausted other favorites such as Stranger Things, Winx, Lost in Space etc. content on Netflix, or it's a recent add, but I stumbled on this last night and so far it's kind of fun.  The English dubbing is a little disorienting, but in a way it's nicer than having to have one's eyes glued to the screen watching for words and lets the viewer take in more of the show.  I also like having a window to another part of the world that I will probably never get to see, Istanbul.  Has anyone else been watching this?  It's about the adopted son of an antiques shop owner who is kind of a screw up who finds out he is a superhero and has to save everyone from an evil enemy.