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NYCC 2022 Saturday Panels & Screenings


DISCLAIMER: Please keep checking the NYCC scheduling page for any changes or updates - this schedule is subject to change without notice.

Saturday, October 08

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Harvey Guillén Spotlight (Added 10/03/22 03:00 PM)
Location: Room 405

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Saturday Morning Cartoons (Added 09/21/22 06:30 PM)
Location: Pop Asia Stage
Remember back in the day when the only thing needed to wake up were some good cartoons? Well Nerds Know does! Come join us for an hour of nostalgia as we watch some of the greatest shows in 90s cartoon history. Oh and don’t worry, we didn’t forget the commercials!

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Oddballs! A brand new animated series from Odd1sOut! Featuring James Rallison! (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.2
The brand new animated series Oddballs is premiering this Fall on Netflix. Oddballs is based on the YouTube channel Odd1sOut with over 18 million subscribers. The show was recently announced on the Odd1sOut YouTube channel and has earned over 6.5M views in less than 2 weeks. James Rallison the creator of Odd1sOut and Oddballs will be in attendance along with key crew and cast members (TBA) to answer questions and share behind the scene stories about the making of the series.
Guests: James Rallison, Ethan Banville, Carl Faruolo, Michael Zoumas

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Calling All Monsters: On Liminality & Power Through the Lens of Speculative Fiction (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 408
When it comes to power, what better comes to mind than the literal ability to fly, shapeshift, or otherwise hold magic at your fingertips? Join Geeks OUT, as a panel of speculative fiction writers discusses how their characters interact with the supernatural, while navigating intersectional identities. Discussing how power manifests in more ways than one, speculative fiction addresses how members of marginalized communities fight back against real and fictional evils.

Panelists include Alechia Dow (author of The Sound of Stars and The Kindred), Kylie Lee Baker (the author of The Keeper of Night and The Empress of Time), Claribel A. Ortega (author of Witchlings), Alexandra Rowland (author of A Taste of Gold and Iron), Neon Yang (author of The Genesis of Misery), and moderated by Geeks OUT Editorial Coordinator, Michele Kirichanskaya.
Guests: Alechia Dow, Kylie Lee Baker, Claribel A. Ortega, Alexandra Rowland, Michele Kirichanskaya

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Conventions Are My Workout: Stretch Routine (Added 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Community Lounge
Increase your convention constitution with a bunch of geeks through some gentle stretching during our con day. Stretching has been proven to provide a mood boost prevent injury improve your posture and more! Come find out what your convention experience can feel like when you add in a convention stretch!

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Toei Animation & Crunchyroll Presents: One Piece Film Red Panel (Updated 09/21/22 06:30 PM)
Location: Empire Stage
One Piece Film Red is almost here! Join members of the English and Japanese crew, as well as some of your favorite voice actors from the English Dub right before the film hits theaters on 11/4.
Guests: Shinji Shimizu, Goro Taniguchi, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Chris Sabat, Luci Christian, Sonny Strait, Ian Sinclair, Kyle Cardine, Hiroaki Shibata

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM PLAYBILL presents “The Broadway Bard Party” (Updated 10/06/22 12:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.1
Returning to New York Comic Con with an all-new quest in 2022, audiences will join Broadway Actors/Stars as they inhabit characters, overcome conflicts, achieve exciting objectives…. then go and perform their 8 shows a week. Playing a D&D-style one-shot, audiences will watch, journey and laugh as the panel solves problems, entertains, and maybe even gets the “roll of their lives”!
Guests: Max Crumm, David Andrew Greener Laws, Gabby Beans, Julian Elijah Martinez

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Star Trek: Where No Comic Book Has Gone Before (Updated 09/27/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.3
In October, IDW will debut a brand-new Star Trek ongoing series, pulling the best elements from across all iterations of Trek lore to create something wholly unique and unexpected! Join writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly to discuss this cornerstone of a new Star Trek continuity, featuring an Enterprise helmed by Benjamin Sisko! Also, additional IDW special guests will provide behind-the-scenes looks at comics based on Lower Decks, the Mirror Universe, and more!
Guests: Collin Kelly, Liana Kangas, JK Woodward, Chris Fenoglio, Jackson Lanzing, Heather Antos

11:00 AM - 02:00 PM Carcassonne | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Prime Video Presents: The Peripheral (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Main Stage
Immerse yourself in the world of The Peripheral! Join series stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Jack Reynor, Gary Carr, T’Nia Miller, and JJ Feild, as well as executive producers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, creator and showrunner Scott B. Smith, and director Vincenzo Natali, as they give fans a first look at sci-fi thriller The Peripheral. The series centers on Flynne Fisher (Moretz), a woman trying to hold together the pieces of her broken family in a forgotten corner of tomorrow's America. Flynne is smart, ambitious, and doomed. She has no future; until the future comes calling for her. The Peripheral is based on William Gibson’s best-selling novel of the same name, and gives viewers a hallucinatory glimpse into the fate of mankind—and what lies beyond.
@ThePeripheral, #ThePeripheral
Guests: Chloe Grace Moretz, Jack Reynor, Cary Carr, T'Nia Miller, JJ Feild, Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan, Scott B. Smith, Vincenzo Natali

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Coffee & Comics: NYCC Edition LIVE! (Updated 10/02/22 01:00 PM)
Location: Room 1C03
It's coffee break time! Amy Chu comics and animation writer for DC Marvel and Netflix, Marvel editor Danny Khazem, Hugo and Eisner winning artist Tana Ford, editor and writer Stephanie Williams (Nubia) and DC and Marvel artist Rachael Stott dish on the latest in comics and pop culture. Bring your own cuppa joe and join in on the fun! Moderated by Jeff Ayers (Fueled by Death Cast) and Sean Von Gorman (The Pedestrian)
Guests: Amy Chu, Danny Khazem, Stephanie Williams, Rachael Stott, Sean Von Gorman, Jeff Ayers

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM MARVEL’S VOICES: The World Outside Your Window (Updated 10/06/22 12:00 PM)
Location: Room 401
The Marvel Universe is known for creating stories that reflect “the world outside your window.” For the past five years, Marvel's Voices has worked to not only give a behind-the-page look at the creators of those stories but highlight the richness that makes up the Marvel Universe. Now, we’re bringing that to New York Comic Con. Join us and some of our most celebrated creators to talk about their work, their stories, and the characters we know and love. The first-ever NYCC Marvel’s Voices panel is hosted by writer, editor, and podcast host Angélique Roché who will be joined by Eve L. Ewing (Monica Rambeau: Photon), John Jennings (My Super Hero is Black), Danny Lore (Crypt of Shadows), Steve Orlando (Marauders), Cody Ziglar (Miles Morales: Spider-Man), and Marvel’s Voices Editor Sarah Brunstad.  Celebrate the growing legacy of Marvel’s Voices in a conversation about their creative processes, collaborations, drive for greater inclusiveness, and professional journeys as they paint a full picture of the Marvel Universe.  Plus – attendees will receive a special giveaway! 
Guests: Eve Ewing, John Jennings, Steve Orlando, Cody Ziglar, Angélique Roché, Sarah Brunstad

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Criminal Compulsions: The Appeal of Crime Fiction (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 1B03
Tantalizing puzzles. Justice served. Clever cons. Moderator Lily Herman investigates the allure of crime stories for creators and readers with Sweeney Boo (Over My Dead Body), Jake Burt (Ghoul of Windydown Vale), Fabian Nicieza (The Self-Made Widow), Alex Segura (Secret Identity), and Dana Schwartz (Anatomy: A Love Story).
Guests: Sweeney Boo, Claudia Gray, Jake Burt, Fabian Nicieza, Alex Segura, Dana Schwartz

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Kings, Queens, Cosplay, and Crossplay (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Cosplay Central Stage
From Drag to Dress up many of us have experimented with Gender Presentation, Performance and Identity. Our panel hopes to guide you in understanding how to navigate the differences among these concepts. As well as guide you in performing, playing and presenting in a safe way. From binding your chest to corseting and padding, there are lots of ways to explore new looks- and some may be unexpectedly dangerous.
Guests: Bunny F., Cara Westwood, Celestine Raphael, Dallon Fournier, Damien Bacaris

12:00 PM - 03:00 PM 7 Wonders | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Top two scoring players advance to Finals. Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Titans of Fantasy In Conversation (Updated 10/05/22 10:00 AM)
Location: Room 405
Join three of the biggest authors in the fantasy genre for a can’t miss conversation only at New York Comic Con! Brandon Sanderson (The Stormlight Archive), Diana Gabaldon (Outlander) and Terry Brooks (The Shannara Chronicles) will take the stage for a one-of-a-kind panel to discuss what it’s like to build iconic worlds that keep fans reading “just one more chapter”.
Guests: Terry Brooks, Diana Gabaldon, Brandon Sanderson, Shawn Speakman

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Source Point Press: The Future of Horror Comics! (Updated 09/23/22 09:30 PM)
Location: Room 406.2
The connection between horror and comics goes back to the earliest days of both mediums, and in 2023 Source Point Press is celebrating the future of horror comics! Get sneak peeks and exclusive announcements from SPP about our upcoming horror movie adaptations with SkibaVision, what’s next for the MONSTROUS and HAUNTED HIGH-ONS Universes, and more surprise announcements along with a special exclusive for all attendees… so join us, horror fans!
Guests: Dr. Christy Blanch, Dirk Manning, Drena Jo, Garrett Gunn, Josh Werner

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Kpop Game Show (Updated 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Pop Asia Stage
Test your Kpop knowledge in various rounds of trivia and guessing games!

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Comixology Originals presents: CONversations with Scott Snyder and Jock (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 408
Join comic editor Will Dennis (Y: The Last Man, Nocterra, 100 Bullets) as he sits down with celebrated comic book writer Scott Snyder(Batman, American Vampire, Wytches) and three times New York Times best-selling British artist Jock (Batman, Wytches, The Losers) as they discuss their first creator-owned creation together from Comixology Originals: The Book of Evil, as well as their other acclaimed collaborations in the comic industry.
Guests: Will Dennis, Scott Snyder,  Jock

12:15 AM - 01:15 PM Return of the Cheesy Line-Reading Contest! (Added 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Community Lounge
New York Comic Con's most talked about panel is back! Compete against your fellow NYCC attendees as they try to perform the most hilariously absurd dialogue from movies and TV, or sit back and cheer on your favorites. Whatever you choose this is one panel you won't want to miss, because it's YOUR decision who wins the day.

NOTE: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early if you’re interested in participating, as spots are limited.
Guests: Zach Scheinerman, Brandon Troy, Alanna Quick, Matt Scheinerman, Shannon Tucker

12:15 PM - 01:15 PM Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Comic Book to Screen (Updated 09/26/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.1
The miracle and ups and downs on how we screenwriter Bobby Herbeck and producer Kim Dawson got the first TMNT film made against all odds and a host of "No interested" studio pitch sessions and the critics negative reviews calling it a "One Trick Pony". Here we are 32 years later with three TMNT films coming up over the next few years as an ever growing fan base continues to mutate!!! Cowabunga dudes & dudettes!!!!
Guests: Bobby Herbeck, Kim Dawson, Randy Falk, Chris Castaneda

12:15 PM - 01:15 PM Hallmark's Pop Culture Connection (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.3
Join the PopMinded by Hallmark team as they discuss how Hallmark connects your favorite memories to iconic characters from movies television and comics through gifts and collectibles created by Hallmark artists and designers. You’ll hear what goes into creating Keepsake Ornaments itty bittys® plush characters gift products and more from the people who make them all happen. Plus you’ll get sneak peeks before anyone else at what’s coming in 2023 and there will be giveaways of course!
Guests: Christine Taylor, Nello Williams, Amy Abernathy, Simone Mariano

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM Smallville Cast Reunion (Updated 10/06/22 09:00 PM)
Location: Main Stage
Over 20 years ago, Smallville, the groundbreaking superhero drama, hit television. Join Tom Welling (Clark Kent), Erica Durance (Lois Lane), Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) and John Glover (Lionel Kent) as they reflect on the shows history and answer fan questions!
Guests: Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Kristin Kreuk

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM My Hero Academia
Location: Empire Stage
Join My Hero Academia cast members to discuss the highly anticipated new season. Featuring Justin Briner, the English voice of Deku, and more.
Guests: Justin Briner

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM Publishers Weekly presents: Comics in the Post Pandemic World (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 1C03
Comics and manga not only survived the pandemic they kicked its butt with record sales for comic books and graphic novels. But where do we go from here? It’s a whole new world of supply chain disruptions, streaming wars, distribution disruption, inflation and consolidation. Join an all-star panel of comics movers and shakers as we talk about what we learned and what we still need to do. The future of comics starts here.
Guests: Tom Akel, Mark Siegel

12:45 PM - 01:45 PM Remembering Kim Jung Gi (Updated 10/07/22 12:00 PM)
Location: Room 1B03
Join us in celebrating the life of the incredible Kim Jung Gi.  Jim Lee, Coipel, Mark Brooks, Olivier Jalabert, and Stephen Frank will honor his legacy on Fri, Oct 7 at 12:45 PM in Room 1B02.
Guests: Jim Lee, Mark Brooks, Olivier Jalabert, Stephen Frank

12:45 PM - 01:45 PM Goosebumps with R.L. Stine: 30 Years of Fear
Location: Room 401
Author R.L. Stine looks back on 30 years of Goosebumps in this exclusive spotlight panel. Hear the story behind the story of the chapter book series that became a global phenomenon. And see the art of Goosebumps with series cover artist Tim Jacobus as R.L. looks back on a career of scaring children.
Guests: R.L. Stine

12:45 PM - 01:45 PM Arroz con Cosplay: An Exploration and Discussion on Cosplay in the Latinx/Hispanic Community (Updated 10/07/22 12:00 PM)
Location: Cosplay Central Stage
One of the fastest growing and most diverse groups in cosplay today are Latinx/Hispanic community proving once more that cosplay IS for everyone. Full of the most eclectic and talented cosplayers out there the Latinx and Hispanic are a shining example of how this sub culture of geekdom is crossing language barriers as well as geographical borders. But what makes the Latinx and Hispanic culture in cosplay so unique is the distinctive voice and perspective that they're adding to the ongoing conversation of inclusion and acceptance of all cosplayers regardless of race gender sexual preference or identity age or ethnicity.
Guests: DominycanKnyght , cassplaye , rafaelrising , AnnaLikesWords

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM Kingdomino | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

01:30 PM - 02:30 PM OMG Ginormo is Turning Hollywood Upside Down! (Updated 09/27/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.2
What do you get when a dozen top YouTubers join forces on a meta-comedic take on cheesy 60s monsters-and-robots scifi? It's Ginormo the hilarious new serialized web-series produced 100% through user-generated content and community-sourced talent. Superstar content creators Steven "Emotional Damage!" He, “Call Me Kris” Collins, Alan Chikin Chow, Lauren Kim, and producer Ken Mok ("America's Next Top Model") preview the first teaser clip and discuss the series with host Rob Salkowitz (Forbes) exclusively at NYCC!
Guests: Steven He, Sandra Kwon, Alan Chow, Ian Boggs, Ken Mok, Rob Salkowitz

01:30 PM - 03:30 PM Brandon Sanderson Q&A and Reading
Location: Room 405
Description coming soon!
Guests: Brandon Sanderson

01:30 PM - 02:30 PM Genshin Impact Jeopardy (Added 09/21/22 06:30 PM)
Location: Pop Asia Stage
Do you have what it takes to compete in the ultimate Genshin Impact trivia competition? If so then join us for
the most intensive Jeopardy match since Ken Jennings lost to that robot!

01:30 PM - 02:30 PM Spotlight on Abrams ComicArts (Updated 09/20/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 408
Join Abrams ComicArts’s Editorial Director Charles Kochman, Senior Editor Charlotte Greenbaum, and SVP, Publisher Andrew Smith for exclusive content from the fall list—the imprint’s biggest season yet—and a sneak preview of the spring 2023 list. Special guests include Mariko Tamaki, who will preview upcoming Surely Books (Archie Bongiovanni’s Mimosa, and Oliva Hicks and Emma Oosterhous’s Grand Slam Romance), John Jennings, who will preview upcoming Megascope books (Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, and Marco Finnegan’s The Keeper and Ayize Jama-Everett and Tristan Roach’s The Last Count of Monte Cristo), Marjorie Liu, who will preview She Eats the Night, her new book (with Sana Takada), and Stephan Franck, who will preview his new edition of Silver. The panel will also showcase an exclusive video from Alex Ross on his new book Fantastic Four: Full Circle, Brian Michael Bendis and André Lima Araújo’s Phenomena, Noah van Sciver’s Joseph Smith and the Mormons and Brian Fies’s The Last Mechanical Monster, and advance looks at Chip Kidd’s Spider-Man: Panel by Panel and Rick Parker’s graphic novel Drafted.
Guests: Charles Kochman, Charlote Greenbaum, Andrew Smith, Mariko Tamaki, Stephan Franck, John Jennings, Marjorie Liu

01:45 PM - 02:45 PM Our Flag Means Death: 'ships on Ships (Updated 10/04/22 10:00 AM)
Location: Community Lounge
There's more pirate media than you can shake a sword at so why are so many fans climbing aboard Our Flag Means Death? The relationships! And not just the romantic ones. OFMD is a master-work of the complexity and diversity of interpersonal relationships that allows often-marginalized audiences to feel seen and understood. Come set sail with a band of relationship and media experts to break down the breakout hit and listen as we talk it through as a crew!
Guests: Justine Mastin, Yoni Sobin, Benjamin Taitz, Tanya Cook, Toni Sanchez

01:45 PM - 02:45 PM DC’s Superman Panel (Updated 09/26/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.1
This November marks the 30th Anniversary of The Death of Superman, at a moment when DC’s Superman story is more dynamic than ever. Writers Dan Jurgens (The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary), Joshua Williamson (Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths), Mark Russell (Superman: Space Age) and Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) are joined by moderator Alex Segura (Superman: Kal-El Returns), to share what’s comings up for the iconic Super Hero in 2023.
Guests: Alex Segura, Joshua Williamson, Mark Russell, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens

01:45 PM - 02:45 PM The Making of Transformers: Beast Wars (Added 09/26/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.3
A discussion with the Hasbro toy designers and the Mainframe TV show creators of the classic Transformers: Beast Wars and Transformers: Beast Machines toy lines and television shows. Connections to the groundbreaking Reboot television show will also be discussed. Hosted by Anthony Gaud.
Guests: Ken Henderson, Phil Mitchell, Owen Hurley, Kevin Mowrer, Tyrone Keyes, Dean Knuckles, Anthony Gaud

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM Splendor | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Ondine - A Queer Fairy Tale Puppet Show (Updated 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Family HQ Interactive
An interactive LGBTQIA+ inclusive fairy tale puppet play. Families and puppet enthusiasts can come play along with ONDINE, a water sprite, as he falls in love with a knight errant. This engaging style of live performance, reliant on audience participation, is currently touring Pride celebrations and Renaissance festivals around Kansas. Packed with laughs and lessons in emotional intelligence, ONDINE is a joyful tribute to live theatre and fun for all ages! Attendants at each act will be eligible to win a free LGBTQIA+ children’s book; BEAUTY, SLEEPING by Brett Crandall.
Guests: Brett Crandall

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM A Conversation with The Darkling, The Crows, and Leigh Bardugo (Updated 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Main Stage
Join Amita Suman, Freddy Carter, Kit Young, and Ben Barnes as they sit down with author Leigh Bardugo to reflect on playing iconic roles from her fantasy series.”
Guests: Leigh Bardugo, Kit Young, Amita Suman, Freddy Carter, Ben Barnes

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Growing up: Family, Friendships, Gender Identity and Queerness in YA Horror/Thriller/Dark Fantasy (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 1C03
Sara Farizan (Dead Flip), Ryan La Sala (The Honeys), Danielle Valentine (How to Survive Your Murder), and Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman (All of Our Demise) have all written YA novels that touch on the deeper themes behind dark fantasy, horror, and thrillers including outgrowing childhood friendships, discovering queer & gender identity, summer camp, and family relationships. All of the titles also contain classic horror themes (the final girl, summer camp secrets, Halloween setting, battles to the death) but turn them on their head in some way.
Guests: Sara Farizan, Sarah Alpert

02:15 PM - 03:15 PM BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Ep. 1 Premiere Event by VIZ (Updated 09/20/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Empire Stage
In the must-see panel of NYCC, thousands of lucky fans will get to see episode one of BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War ahead of the simulcast! We'll have special messages and an epic cosplay contest with amazing prizes. Don't miss it!
Guests: Urian Brown

02:15 PM - 03:15 PM Spooks, Shivers, and Shrieks: Horror (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 1B03
Do you dare investigate these stories of werewolves, darkest desires, ghosts by the sea, Southern ghosts, and terrifying urban legends, guaranteed to raise a chill down your spine? Huddle together for safety with Princess Weekes (The MarySue)  and Rachel Harrison (Such Sharp Teeth), Eric LaRocca (Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke), Clay McLeod Chapman (Ghost Eaters), Katrina Monroe (They Drown our Daughters), and Vincent Tirado (Burn Down, Rise Up).
Guests: Princess Weekes, Rachel Harrison, Eric LaRocca, Clay McLeod Chapman, Katrina Monroe, Vincent Tirado

02:15 PM - 03:15 PM Frank Miller Presents: RONIN (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 401
RONIN. You must’ve heard the news by now! This iconic title is coming back with new stories under the Frank Miller Presents banner! Find out more from the sources themselves as Publisher Dan DiDio, artists Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques, and the incomparable legend, Frank Miller, are here to thrill you with news on what’s to come in the RONIN universe! Not to be missed! Attendees will be treated to an exclusive collectible, while supplies last!.
Guests: Dan DiDio, Frank Miller, Philip Tan, Daniel Henriques

02:15 PM - 03:15 PM Cosplay Makeup 101 with Mehron Makeup
Location: Cosplay Central Stage
Learn how to do cosplay makeup like a pro! Mehron Makeup and cosplay professionals will be talking about the do’s and don’ts of getting the perfect cosplay makeup.

03:00 PM - 06:00 PM Azul | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM The Saga Strikes Back: What's Next for The Dragon Prince (Updated 09/23/22 03:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.2
The Dragon Prince saga returns to Netflix this November! Join the cast, crew, and creators of the Emmy® Award-winning series as they dive deep into what's next for the world of Xadia. Learn more about what challenges await our characters, ask our panelists your most need-to-know-questions, and be the first to watch never-before-seen footage from Season 4!
Guests: Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond, Caleb Thomas, Paige VanTassell, Jason Simpson

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Kpop Chorus Game (Added 09/21/22 06:30 PM)
Location: Pop Asia Stage
Jump on in and dance alongside other Kpop fans in a non-stop Kpop Random Dance game! From old to new songs, the choruses of popular Kpop songs will play in which fans gather to dance along to the original choreography.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM The George Lucas Talk Show (Updated 09/16/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 408
The George Lucas Talk Show is an improvised talk show in New York City hosted by comedian Connor Ratliff (Dead Eyes Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) who appears as George Lucas the creator of Star Wars and he interviews real guests as themselves in a panel format. He is joined by sidekick Watto played by Griffin Newman (Blank Check The Tick) and show producer Patrick Cotnoir (The Chris Gethard Show Marvel ASSSSCAT 3000). The show ran for over 6 years at the UCB Theater in New York and has had guests like Weird Al Whoopi Goldberg Jon Hamm Kevin Smith Nicole Byer Sonia Manzano Ira Glass Lea Thompson Ben Schwartz Peter Serafinowicz Ahmed Best Tony Hale David K. Harbour D’Arcy Carden Solo writer Jon Kasdan Rogue One writer Chris Weitz Meredith Vieira and musicians like Aimee Mann.
Guests: Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman, Patrick Cotnoir

03:15 PM - 04:15 PM Sailor Moon Fan Club: Celebrating 30 Years of Sailor Moon (Added 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Community Lounge
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon one of the most iconic anime series. Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast host and pop culture journalist Victoria L. Johnson will bring together content creators and industry insiders to discuss the everlasting impact of Sailor Moon.

03:15 PM - 04:15 PM The Rise of YA Graphic Novels & How They’re Bringing New Readers to Comics (Updated 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.1
Join top creators as they discuss why they think the YA graphic novel market is exploding and what that means for comics.
Guests: Gabriel Picolo, Isaac Goodhart, Tochi Onyebuchi, Kami Garcia, Sweeney Boo, Alys Arden

03:15 PM - 04:15 PM Star Wars: The High Republic Returns! (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.3
Join the authors for Star Wars: The High Republic as they discuss their epic new tales spanning books comics audio and beyond. Packed with sneak peeks about Phase II and exciting reveals and announcements fans will not want to miss this panel packed with surprises.
Guests: Claudia Gray, Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Cavan Scott, Zoraida Córdova, Ario Anindito, Tessa Gratton, Daniel José Older, George Mann, Kristin Baver, Michael Siglain

03:30 PM - 04:30 PM Sneak Peek – Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind
Location: Main Stage
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment marks the 30th anniversary of the blockbuster Mortal Kombat video game series with an inside look at the making of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind, the third in a series of MK-inspired feature-length animated films. Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind finds vicious, power-mad Kano determined to take over Earthrealm, one soul at a time. Assisted by a trio of cold Black Dragon mercenaries, he embarks on a brutal assault from town to defenseless town. The choice is simple: kneel or be annihilated. But when the cocky and talented but undisciplined Kenshi doesn’t take a knee, Kano and his clan destroy the young warrior, taking his eyesight and his confidence. Under the tutelage of reluctant, retired Kuai Liang, the only one powerful enough to challenge the malevolent Kano, Kenshi finds renewed hope and a clear path to redemption. But will it be enough to stop Kano from decimating all of Earthrealm? The presentation will include thrilling film clips and an entertaining panel discussion amongst filmmakers and key cast members. Manny Jacinto (Top Gun: Maverick, The Good Place), David Wenham (Elvis, 300, The Lord of the Rings franchise) and Ron Yuan (Mortal Kombat 11, Mulan) spearhead a terrific voice cast as Kenshi Takahashi, Kano and Kuai Liang, respectively. The film is produced and directed by Rick Morales (Mortal Kombat Legends franchise, Injustice) from a script by Jeremy Adams (Supernatural, Justice Society: World War II), who also wrote the screenplays for the series’ first two films. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation in coordination with NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Games, Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind arrives from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital on October 9, 2022 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack and Blu-ray on October 11, 2022.

03:30 PM - 04:30 PM From The Great Gatsby to Hamlet, Comic Creators Offer Contemporary Update to Classic Lit Favorites (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 1C03
Classic literature has long been an inspiration for modern adaptations in film and TV and now the comics community is bringing its own creative approach to the genre. Join AWA Studios Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso in conversation with Jeremy Holt (GATSBY), Dana Mele (TRAGIC), Amy Chu (CARMILLA: THE FIRST VAMPIRE), and Alex Cormack (THE CRIMSON CAGE) as they discuss how they are putting their own spin on some of literature’s best-known stories and bringing the tales into modern times to relate to today’s readers directly.
Guests: Ethan Sacks, Axel Alonso, Jeremy Holt, Dana Mele, Amy Chu, Alex Cormack

03:45 PM - 04:45 PM Super Salaam! Muslim Nerds Geeks & Fans (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 1B03
Come learn about Muslims in the fandom industry: writers artists cosplayers and gamers. We will discuss the growing popularity of Muslims active in nerd and geek culture! This session is moderated by Dr. Shamika Mitchell (State University of New York Rockland Community College / Women in Comics Collective).
Guests: Layla Abdullah-Puolos, Naseed Gifted, M'shai Dash, Kareems Dreams, M'shai S. Dash, Ellie Religiously Nerdy

03:45 PM - 04:45 PM Netflix Presents: Manifest Season 4 (Added 09/16/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 401
Creator Jeff Rake and cast of Manifest discuss the hit series and what to expect from the epic fourth and final season
Guests: Jeff Rake

03:45 PM - 04:45 PM NY Avengers Cosplay 4 Cause (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Cosplay Central Stage
We are a well known cosplay charity group known around all 5 boroughs. We would like to discuss how to get started on using cosplay for good the pros and cons / challenges some of the heart felt events that we have done what to do while working with terminally ill or trauma stricken children and how much we love tiny smiles :)
Guests: Samantha Catalano, Eyliza Morciglio, Jacobella Luongo, Sydney Relkin, Pat Natoli, Nikki Ghorbani, Joseph Ramos, Darnell Hicks

04:00 PM - 07:00 PM Ticket to Ride | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM MARVEL COMICS: Next Big Thing (Updated 09/15/22 07:00 PM)
Location: Room 405
This is it, True Believers, the panel you absolutely cannot miss! Learn what’s next for the Marvel Universe as Marvel Comics Executive Editor Nick Lowe, Associate Editor Lauren Amaro, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski lead a legion of literary legends in discussion, including Gerry Duggan (Dark Web: X-Men, Invincible Iron Man), Jed MacKay (Mary Jane & Black Cat, Timeless), Zeb Wells (Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Web), and more! What lies in store for everyone’s favorite mutants and mutates as dusk falls across the world in the Spider-Man/X-Men crossover Dark Web? What do the hands of fate hold in store for the Marvel Universe in the pages of Timeless? And what hot new 2023 titles will be announced? Plus, stay until the end of the panel for an exclusive giveaway!
Guests: Gerry Duggan, Jed MacKay, Zeb Wells, C.B. Cebulski, Nick Lowe

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM STAR TREK UNIVERSE (Updated 10/06/22 12:00 PM)
Location: Empire Stage
The fan-favorite Star Trek universe panel returns to New York Comic Con, featuring conversations with the cast and executive producers STAR TREK: PICARD, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and the hit animated series STAR TREK: PRODIGY.

STAR TREK: PICARD returns for its third and final season with the iconic Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn, as well as Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Rod Roddenberry and Terry Matalas. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY star Sonequa Martin-Green, Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp will join Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Rod Roddenberry and Michelle Paradise to discuss Michael Burnham’s journey to the Captain’s chair and the legacy she is creating with this character. STAR TREK: PRODIGY returns to the NYCC stage this year with the talented voice cast including Kate Mulgrew, Brett Gray and Jameela Jamil, alongside Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Rod Roddenberry, Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman and Ben Hibon as they discuss what’s ahead.
Guests: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Alex Kurtzman, Rod Roddenberry, Terry Matalas, Kate Mulgrew, Ella Purnell, Brett Gray, Jameela Jamil, Kevin Hageman, Ben Hibon, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz

04:00 PM - 04:30 PM Shark Angels Pop Culture Shark Trivia (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Booth 3346
Join us daily at booth 3346 to test your pop culture shark knowledge and win cool prizes like t-shirts, Adopt-a-Shark kits, trading cards and more! Love Jaws and Sharknado? Know where the phrase “jumping the shark” came from? This is the game for you!  Come play & win! It’s free!

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM Gaaays In (actual) Spaaace — How on-screen representation in science fiction has led to real life inclusion in STEM & the space industry (Added 09/29/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.2
Panelists discuss what we can do today to build a future that goes beyond inclusion! Moderated by Dan Deevy (GIS exec. dir.)

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM Waifu Madness (Added 09/21/22 06:30 PM)
Location: Pop Asia Stage
Join the men and women of culture at Nerds Know as we answer the ultimate question: WHO IS THE
ULTIMATE WAIFU!?!? Tears shall be shed and hearts will be broken in this heated bracket competition! No
one is safe in this tournament of waifu champions!

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM The Yen Press Industry Panel: Manga Korean Comics and More! (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 408
For over a decade Yen Press has been an industry leader in the world of manga light novels and Korean comics publishing the likes of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun and Solo Leveling. Through the Ize Press imprint a new initiative dedicated to Korean content Yen Press is bringing fans even more Korean comics to print such as The World After the Fall and The Remarried Empress. Join Yen Press at New York Comic Con for groundbreaking announcements amazing prizes and a ton of fun!
Guests: Mark De Vera, Carl Li Payton, Campbell Won, Young Seo

04:45 PM - 05:45 PM Geek Girl Strong Dance Party: Spooky Season (Updated 09/30/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Community Lounge
Dance breaks are a great way to redefine what “exercise” means and this can get you started. Come join us for a Halloween themed playlist, a fun break from the con floor, and a way to meet new spooky friends. All styles of dance are welcome. We’re here to move in any way that feels good! Everyone is welcome to join this movement based activity.

04:45 PM - 05:45 PM Jim Henson: The Early Years (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.3
Celebrating the life and legacy of Jim Henson with the talented creators and artists who worked alongside the Muppet master or were inspired by his work! Featuring a sneak peek at the upcoming "Sam and Friends" book by Craig Shemin rare video presentations of Jim's earliest productions and exclusive stories and presentations. Plus free giveaways and more surprises! Presented by Muppet fan site
Guests: Joe Hennes, Craig Shemin, Ryan Dillon, Susie Tofte, Dave Hulteen

04:45 PM - 05:45 PM Build a Cosplay Ballgown: Corsets, Hoops, and More! (Added 09/15/22 07:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.1
Join Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay - authors of The Cosplay Book of Ballgowns - for a crash course in creating your own over the top garment.  From planning to understructures to embellishments, we'll walk through our favorite tips and tricks to create an out of this world gown.
Guests:  Cowbutt Crunchies

05:00 PM - 08:00 PM King of Tokyo | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM The Walking Dead
Location: Main Stage
Cast and creatives of the flagship series The Walking Dead discuss the highly anticipated last episodes of the decade-long apocalyptic drama. Celebrate the monumental journey of this beloved series and characters as we follow their arcs in the recently launched final eight episodes of this epic final season on AMC and AMC+. Plus, a look at what is to come for the upcoming final episodes.

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM Urban Sketch 101 by Dong Ho Kim (Updated 10/04/22 10:00 AM)
Location: Room 1C03
Dong Ho Kim is a Superani artist who has sold more than 1000 copies of his urban sketch collection and his latest perspective guide book in the United States. During this panel he will share his personal know-how to build a unique personal sketchbook that captures the essence of everyday scenery. You will witness Dong Ho Kim's drawing process a great tip for artists who wish to make a great habit of filling an empty sketchbook full of your observations.

05:15 PM - 06:15 PM Author reflections: Writing in College (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 1B03
Dreaming of being a writer? But where do you even begin? How about with this fantastic panel of bestselling authors! Join Chloe Gong (These Violent Delights, Foul Lady Fortune), Tashie Bhuiyan (Counting Down With You), and Christina Li (Clues to the Universe) as they share their unique journeys to being published—while still in college! A convo you don’t want to miss!
Guests: Chloe Gong, Christina Li

05:15 PM - 06:15 PM Netflix Presents: Wendell & Wild (Added 09/16/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Room 401
*Description coming soon

05:15 PM - 06:15 PM Multiverse Got Talent (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Cosplay Central Stage
The world needs... nay the universe needs to laugh. Across the galaxy beings unite through shared experiences such as laughter. The time has come to unite us all under one roof and use our voices to chuckle and guffaw; to giggle and cackle. Introducing: Multiverse Got Talent! A stand-up comedy show featuring comedians in cosplay performing in character with famous judges from across the extended MCU/Trek/etc worlds
Guests: Steve Katz, Erin Lok, Dani Reidel, Wyatt Feegrado, Dave McOwen, Maureen Sills

05:30 PM - 06:30 PM Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Updated 09/30/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Room 405
Moon Girl Magic! Join the cast and creative team behind Disney Branded Television's highly anticipated animated series "Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur," ahead of its 2023 premiere on Disney Channel and Disney+, for a conversation about this innovative action-comedy series centered on African American teen girl Super Hero, Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl) and her 10-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur. Panelists include Diamond White (voice of Lunella/Moon Girl), Fred Tatasciore (voice of Devil Dinosaur), Gary Anthony Williams (voice of Pops, Lunella's grandfather), Steve Loter (executive producer), Rodney Clouden (supervising producer) and Pilar Flynn (producer), moderated by Allegra Frank, deputy entertainment editor, The Daily Beast.

06:00 PM - 08:00 PM Tsuro | Saturday Tournament (Added 09/22/22 06:00 PM)
Location: Hall 1E
Unless otherwise noted, all games are Single Elimination. Sign-ups open at 10am daily for each day's events at the Board Game Tournaments section of Hall 1-E.

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM Spider-Man, Only Murders in the Building, and More: Designing New York for Film and TV (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 PM)
Location: Room 408
Creatives from “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” “Only Murders in the Building,” “Pose,” “Bros,” and
more will come together to discuss how they make NYC come to life in their projects! Get a
special inside look at the process of designing characters, visual effects, and more for projects
based in the greatest city in the world!
Featuring costume designer Dana Covarrubias (Only Murders in the Building), VFX Executive
Producer at FOLKS Sarah Wormsbecher (Spider-Man: No Way Home), production designer
Lisa Myers (Bros), Head of Studio/Sr. VFX Supervisor at FuseFX Atlanta Brian Kubovcik (DMZ;
Pose), and costume designer Emily Gunshor (13: The Musical; Halloween Ends). Moderated by “Only Murders in the Building” actor Adina Verson (“Poppy”)!

Follow us on Instagram:
● Impact24 PR - @impact24pr
● Dana Covarrubias - @danacostumes
● Lisa Myers - @lisamyerslisamyers
● Brian Kunovcik - @BrianKubovcik
● Emily Gunshor - @egunshor
● Adina Verson - @adinaverson
Guests: Dana Covarrubias, Sarah Wormsbecher, Lisa Myers, Brian Kubovcik, Emily Gunshor, Adina Verson

06:15 PM - 07:00 PM Jamie Lee Curtis: Tribute to 45 years of Halloween and Laurie Strode, Moderated by Drew Barrymore
Location: Empire Stage
In Halloween Ends (in theaters and streaming exclusively on Peacock Oct 14), icon Jamie Lee Curtis returns for the last time as Laurie Strode, horror’s first “final girl” and the role that launched Curtis’ career.

Now, in this exclusive NYCC panel, moderated by fellow film icon Drew Barrymore, host and executive producer of The Drew Barrymore Show, the legendary Curtis discusses Laurie’s journey and her own from 1978’s Halloween to Laurie’s last stand against Michael Myers in this October’s Halloween Ends.

Join us for an intimate, funny and fearless conversation with an artist who, for more than four decades, has shattered the rules (and the record books) and has reshaped horror forever as she says goodbye to one of the most beloved and revered characters in cinema history.
Now, in this exclusive NYCC panel, the legendary Curtis discusses Laurie’s journey and her own from 1978’s Halloween to Laurie’s last stand against Michael Myers in this October’s Halloween Ends.
Join us for an intimate, funny and fearless conversation with an artist who, for more than four decades, has shattered the rules (and the record books) and has reshaped horror forever as she says goodbye to one of the most beloved and revered characters in cinema history.
Guests: Jamie Lee Curtis

06:15 PM - 07:15 PM There's No Escape (Key) (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.1
In the near-future or alternate realities, humanity may just crack the code on some of today’s challenges. But with solutions come new problems … Take on future injustice in a purported utopia, the prison industrial complex, climate change, and practical witchcraft with Ashley and Leslie Saunders (Exiles), Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah (Chain-Gang All-Stars), Hugh Howey (Across the Sand), and Karen Heuler (The Splendid City) with Cosmopolitan Associate Entertainment Editor Tamara Fuentes.
Guests: Ashley and Leslie Saunders, Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, Hugh Howey, Karen Hueler, Tamara Fuentes

06:15 PM - 07:15 PM Yakity YAK-Don't Talk Black! (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 406.3
Black nerd podcasts have exploded on the scene over the past 3 years and some of the newest and emergent voices are tackling hot-take controversial subjects as they apply humor and spin to their audiences. Being unapologetically black is new for some but its how black and brown people have been bantering these issues forever! This is going to be a hilarious incisive panel about talking black on the interwebs and how the issues have been taken on in the most unique of ways!
Guests: Karan Ashley, Xero Gravity, Hilton George

06:30 PM - 07:30 PM Back to the Future Reunion
Location: Main Stage
Gotta get back in time! The stars of the mega popular Back to the Future franchise are hitting the stage at New York Comic Con for a once-in-a-lifetime panel. Hop in your Delorean and head over to the Main Stage for a can't miss Q&A. Limited reservations will be available for NYCC badge holders.

Want to guarantee your seat? Tickets can be purchased here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Guests: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd

06:30 PM - 07:30 PM I'm a Superhero! Writing Our Favorite Marvel Characters (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Room 1C03
Samira Ahmed (Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit) and Preeti Chhibber (Spider-Man's Social Dilemma) are in conversation to discuss being South Asian American creatives bringing new perspectives to some of Marvel's greatest legacy characters. Moderated by Swapna Krishna (PBS Engadget).
Guests: Samira Ahmed, Preeti Chhibber, Swapna Krishna

06:30 PM - 09:30 PM The New York Comic Con Charity Art Auction benefiting St. Jude
Location: Room 406.2
You Can Make A Difference! The New York Comic Con Charity Art Auction benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Included in that vision is that no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay. Your participation in this event will help support lifesaving research and treatment for the children of St. Jude. Come down and bid with other art enthusiasts for the chance to own a piece of original art from some of your favorite creators, all for a good cause! Have Fun. Get Art. Save Lives.

06:45 PM - 07:45 PM Sourcebooks Presents: Romantasy Books You Never Knew You Needed (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 1B03
Monsters witches gods and spicy romance … we've got it all! Get an exclusive first look at upcoming fantasy and romance books for teens and adults from a leading woman-owned publisher. Limited quantities of advanced reader copies will be available for attendees.

06:45 PM - 07:45 PM Z2 Comics Presents Death For Hire: Creating a New Comic Crime Mythology with Ice-T, Coco, Arabian Prince & More (Updated 10/03/22 03:00 PM)
Location: Room 405
Next year Z2 Comics will debut Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk City, a new graphic novel series set in the sprawling multi-media world of Tehk City. This brand new mythology will span comics, animation, music, and beyond, overseen by a murderer's row of rap and silver screen icons including Ice-T, Arabian Prince, Coco Austin, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tracy Morgan, and more. Join creators Ice-T, Coco Austin, Arabian Prince, and Tommy the Animator for a first look at this explosive new world of hustle and warfare.
Guests: Ice-T, Coco Austin, Arabian Prince, Shannon Eric Denton, Darren Brundage, Nicole Natalie Austin, Tracy Lauren Marrow, Kim Renard Nazal, Penelope Vargas

07:30 PM - 08:30 PM One Piece Screening (Subtitled) (Added 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Room 408
Screening of One Piece Episode #1029 and #1030. Special tie-in episodes to the new movie One Piece Film Red featuring the backstory of when young Luffy met Shank's daughter Uta.

07:45 PM - 08:45 PM Netflix Presents: Wednesday (Updated 09/23/22 09:00 AM)
Location: Empire Stage
Darkness descends on New York Comic Con in the form of the iconic Wednesday Addams. Join the cast of Netflix’s upcoming sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery series WEDNESDAY, including breakout star Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzmán and showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and more for an action-packed panel that promises many creepy and kooky surprises!
Guests: Jenna Ortega, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Luis Guzmán

07:45 PM - 08:45 PM Ghosts of New York (Updated 10/02/22 01:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.1
Join horror comic creator Scott Larson ( Visitations,  1000 Ways To Die) and New York ghost tour guide Marcus Estrada ( NYC Ghosts -  Ghost Tours) as they discuss some of the Big Apple's spookiest places  as seen in Estrada's Ghost Tours and that have inspired Larson's comic book Visitations. Visitations is the history Of The 20th Century as seen through the eyes of the residents of an old Victorian cemetery.
Guests: Scott Larson, Marcus Estrada

07:45 PM - 08:45 PM The Lord of the Rings is Back -  and We've Got the Scoop! (Updated 10/02/22 01:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.3
Middle-earth is back! Over 20 years since the release of Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring the internet's oldest and most trusted source for Tolkien fandom is back at NYCC to explore Prime Video's new Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power. With a combined 200 years of Tolkien fandom under their belts – and inside information! - the team from TORn will breakdown characters actors plot points and expectations for this multi-season multi-billion dollar effort.
Guests: Chris Pirrotta, Kirsten Cairns, Jim Wert, Rebecca Perry, Willie Jenkins aka KnewBettaDoBetta, Constance Wagner

08:00 PM - 09:00 PM Creator Connection: Facilitated Professional Networking (Updated 10/04/22 10:00 AM)
Location: Room 1C03
Meet your next creative partner in this fun interactive networking session. Bring business cards & samples of your work. This is the panel that has literally helped complete strangers form creative teams and publish comic books. This is the original and best Creator Connection. Be there and launch your career. (Note: This is not a portfolio review. This is like speed dating for creators. Shy people welcome!) Why this panel? This is probably the most underrated panel of the entire show. We literally connect people in a meaningful and professional way. We demonstrate how to network as a professional how to follow up and how to continue the conversation after the convention. It gets people out of their seats to actually engage with each other and make creator connections!
Guests: Buddy Scalera

08:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sam Heughan [SEPARATELY TICKETED EVENT] (Updated 10/08/22 09:00 PM)
Location: Main Stage
Calling all Sassenachs – Outlander returns to NYCC, this year with a very special opportunity! For the first time in NYCC history, the one and only Sam Heughan will be doing small group meet & greets, photo ops and a special Q&A on the Main Stage! There are a variety of different packages and opportunities accessible to all Outlander fans. Sam will be attending the show all day Saturday and part of Sunday!
For more information about packages, please visit You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

Guests: Sam Heughan

08:15 PM - 10:00 PM FreeN' Fun BarBingo (Added 09/28/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Room 401
Free To Play Bingo for all ages! Win convention swag and more while playing the age ol' game with your friends!
We encourage downloading our app and registering prior to arriving to play. Search "FNFCouchBingo" (One Word) in your Google Play or Apple App Store!
Get your late night game on! It's FreeN' Fun!

08:15 PM - 09:15 PM Records of Anime: Collecting Anime Music Vinyl (Updated 09/30/22 11:00 AM)
Location: Room 1B03
The hottest way to listen to anime music is on…records? Come and learn why you should be listening to anime music on vinyl, how to start collecting anime music on vinyl, what’s available, where to buy and upcoming releases. I will also be doing giveaways with vinyl prizes sponsored by Right Stuf Anime, Very Ok Vinyl and Light in the Attic!
Guests: Fong

08:15 PM - 10:15 PM What Happened To Steve Burns? [SEPARATELY TICKETED EVENT]
Location: Room 405
Join us Saturday, October 8 to watch the original face of the much-loved Blue’s Clue’s series, Steve, share what happened to him after he left the television show. With his heartfelt and open approach that brought him into the spotlight, he candidly talks about the successes and, more importantly, the failures he has experienced along the way. There may be laughter, and there may even be tears, but this event is sure to be insightful, authentic, and uplifting.
Tickets are $37.75 and give you access to this separately ticketed event.

Please note: This event is hosted by New York Comic Con, but you do not need a ticket to NYCC to attend this event.

For tickets, visit: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Guests: Steve Burns

08:45 PM - 09:45 PM World Trigger Screening (Dubbed) (Updated 09/30/22 10:00 PM)
Location: Room 408
Screening of the brand new World Trigger Season 2 Episodes #4 and #5 in English Dub and featuring Ian Sinclair as Captain Gatlin.

09:15 PM - 11:15 PM NYCC Late Night Karaoke
Location: Room 406.1
Take the stage and the mic to belt out your favorite tunes at NYCC Karaoke After Dark! Hop on the mic and sing your heart out or just sit back and enjoy the performances. Either way, you're going to cap off the night at New York City Comic Con in style!

09:15 PM - 10:15 PM The Future is Black (Updated 10/04/22 09:00 PM)
Location: Room 406.3
As AfroFuturism becomes more mainstream, how will it shape the landscape of animation, comics and gaming.
Guests: Naseed Gifted, Yla Eason, Dayveonne Bussey, Peter "Paco" Cole

09:30 PM - 11:00 PM Cosplay Central Crown Championships
Location: Main Stage
The EuroCosplay Championships and the Crown Championships of Cosplay have joined forces to create one global competition: The Cosplay Central Crown Championships! The global final will be held at C2E2 in 2023 and beyond. Craftsmanship is still at the heart of the championship. All of the entries will have their costume construction closely inspected by our judges, before they take to the stage and show off their creations with incredible costume presentations or scripted performances inspired by their characters.

09:30 PM - 10:30 PM WTF Japan!!! (18+) (Added 09/21/22 06:30 PM)
Location: Room 1C03

DISCLAIMER: Please keep checking the NYCC scheduling page for any changes or updates - this schedule is subject to change without notice.


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