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Panels by Room, Saturday 11th, 2015
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:35:20 PM »
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DISCLAIMER: Please keep checking the CCI scheduling page for any changes or updates - this schedule is subject to change without notice.


Panels by Room

 10:00AM — 10:45PM   Once Upon a Time
 11:00AM — 11:45PM   TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites
 12:00PM — 12:45PM   The Simpsons
  1:00PM —  2:45PM      Seth MacFarlane Animation Block
  3:00PM —  3:45PM      Grimm Season 5
  4:00PM —  4:45PM      Starz: Outlander
  5:00PM —  5:45PM      Hannibal: Savor the Hunt
  8:30PM — 11:30PM   HBO Presents the Comic-Con International Masquerade

 10:00AM — 11:00AM   Comic-Con Film School 103: Working with Actors and a Crew
 11:05AM — 11:35AM   Super Shift 4: Cci-Iff
 11:25AM — 11:55AM   The Night Guardian 4: Cci-Iff
 11:55AM — 12:45PM   Super'mance 4: Cci-Iff
 12:45PM —  1:05PM   This Is Joe 4: Cci-Iff
  1:05PM —  2:35PM      She Makes Comics 4: Cci-Iff
  2:35PM —  4:05PM      Dr. MegaVolt: From Geek to Superhero 4: Cci-Iff
  4:10PM —  5:10PM      Documentary Film Making How-To
  5:10PM —  6:35PM      Cosplay Dreams 3D* 4: Cci-Iff
  6:35PM —  7:10PM      The Art of Richard Thompson 4: Cci-Iff
  7:10PM —  7:40PM      Howard Terpning the Heart of the Canvas 4: Cci-Iff
  7:40PM —  9:00PM      Vintage Tomorrows 4: Cci-Iff
  9:00PM —  9:30PM      The Drybrush Master 4: Cci-Iff
  9:30PM — 11:05PM   Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World 4: Cci-Iff

 10:30AM — 12:00PM   Warner Bros. Presentation
 12:15PM —  1:15PM   Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  1:30PM —  2:15PM      Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight
  2:30PM —  3:30PM      Legendary Pictures
  3:45PM —  4:30PM      Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass
  4:45PM —  5:30PM      Dark Horse: An Afternoon with Joss Whedon
  5:45PM —  7:30PM      20th Century Fox
  8:00PM — 11:00PM   Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment Screening Block

 12:00PM —  1:30PM   Colony: USA Network Series Screening
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Babble on with the Cast of Babylon 5
  3:30PM —  4:30PM      Nerdist: The Hive
  7:00PM —  8:30PM      Nickelodeon's Variety Show Featuring Breadwinners Live

 10:00AM — 11:00AM   The Last Man on Earth
 11:00AM — 12:00PM   Childhood's End
 12:00PM —  1:00PM   12 Monkeys
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Nerdist Industries with Chris Hardwick
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      The Awesomes: A Hulu Original
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Anything Goes with John Barrowman
  4:00PM —  5:30PM      The Expanse
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      Z Nation

 12:00PM —  1:00PM   The 10th Annual All-Star Comic Book Podcaster Panel
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Children of Tendu Live
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Lost Podcast and Beyond
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Fan Discussion

 10:00AM — 11:00AM   Cosplay Makeup 101
 11:00AM — 12:00PM   Mobilizing Fandoms for Charity
 12:00PM —  1:00PM   Costuming the Galaxy
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Little Lulu and John Stanley Fan Group
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Adapting a Prosthetic Makeup to Fit Your Costume
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Adding Special Effects to Cosplay Pictures and Video
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      Body Confidence in Cosplay
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Fandom: The Next Generation
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      The Geek Shall Inherit: A Look at the Evolution of Geek Culture
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      We Are All Heroes: The Changing Landscape of Comics, Geekdom, and Fanboy Culture
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      SPARK Your Creativity: A Call to Action!

 10:00AM — 11:00AM   Dave Elliott on Self-Publishing
 11:00AM — 12:00AM   Interview with Richard Starkings
 12:15PM —  1:15PM   Workshop with Laura Martin
  1:30PM —  3:00PM      Comic-Con How-To: Drawing with Adam Hughes
  3:30PM —  5:00PM      Comic-Con How-To: Draw Your Imagination with Kim Jung Gi
  5:00PM —  6:30PM      Comic-Con How-To: Proper Pitching and Promoting Yourself 1.5

 10:00AM — 11:00AM   MARCH with Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Todays Costume Designers
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      The Production Designer: Architect of Imagination
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Kill Your Idols: The Anxiety of Influence
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Imperial Costuming 101: Dressing to Serve the Empire
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Kids' Comics
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      Celebrate 75 Years of Will Eisner's The Spirit
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Future Toys: How AI, Robotics, Sensors, and Mobile Are Changing Play
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      Making the LEGO Fan Scene
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      Best and Worst Manga of 2015
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      The Thrilling Adventure Hour: Evolved

 10:30AM — 11:30AM      Temple of Art
 11:30AM — 12:30PM      Inside the Writers' Room: The Pilot: Part One
 12:30PM —  1:30PM      BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Pushes Comics Forward
  1:30PM —  2:30PM      Spotlight on Allie Brosh
  2:30PM —  3:30PM      IDW and Hasbro: Transformers, Jem, Ponies, and More
  3:30PM —  4:30PM      The Art and Story of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  4:30PM —  5:30PM      An Inside Look at Google Spotlight Stories
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      Disney-ABC: Reinvention: The Writer, The Director, The Story
  6:30PM —  7:30PM      Inside the Writers' Room: The Series: Part Two
  7:30PM —  8:30PM      The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Episode V
  8:30PM —  9:30PM      The Science of Star Wars

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      Avatar the Last Airbender: Legend and Legacy
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      The India Inkblot Test: Why Comics Are Good for Mental Health, and Mental Health is Good for Comics
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      From Bollywood to Hollywood: Going Global
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      TMNT: The Big Panel
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      High Def Horror: Hammer Horror Meets Harryhausen
  2:30PM —  3:30PM      Hollywood Meets Bollywood
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Spotlight on Greg Capullo
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      Hasbro Marvel
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      The Evolution of an Icon in Rise of the Tomb Raider
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      Choosing the Right Publishing Path for Your Manuscript: Traditional, Small Press or Self-Publishing
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      Comics and Pop Music: Making New Noise!
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      Creepy and Eerie Unleashed

 10:30AM — 11:30AM      Comics Arts Conference #9: Comic Books in Therapy: How Do We Redeem the Irredeemable?
 11:30AM — 12:30PM      Comics Arts Conference #10: Focus on Dave McCaig
 12:30PM —  2:00PM      Comics Arts Conference #11: Teaching Comics
  2:00PM —  3:30PM      Comics Arts Conference #12: The Poster Session
  3:30PM —  4:30PM      Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America
  4:30PM —  5:30PM      UDON 2015
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      Storytelling in the 21st Century
  6:30PM —  7:30PM      The Unpublished EC 3D Comic Revealed!
  7:30PM —  8:30PM      Total War: Warhammer: Bringing Tabletop Gaming to Life
  8:30PM —  9:30PM      Indyfans: The World of Indiana Jones

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      Kids' Graphic Novel Burgeoning Frontier: Kids with Disabilities
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Working Together: Writers and Artists
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      Spotlight on A. Lee Martinez
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Diversity: We Demand Diverse Books
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      The Seven Comic Shop Archetypes: Who Will Triumph, Thrive, and Survive
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Spotlight on Jim Steranko
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      What's New From Abrams ComicArts
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Comics 101: Making Sense of the World of Comics
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      TOKYOPOP: The Robofish Rises
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      What's New at Action Lab Entertainment
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      Magnetic Press: 2015 and Beyond Preview

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      Land of the Lost Series Reunion
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Andre the Giant: The Man Behind the Legend
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      World Building: Telling Stories in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Federation Space, and that Galaxy Far, Far, Away
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Dark Circle Comics
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      The Return of Invader Zim
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Comixology Submit: The Future of Self-Publishing
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      Fantasy Literature
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski
  6:00PM —  8:00PM      Gays in Comics 28: At the Intersection of Comics and Life
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      Not So Strange Bedfellows: The Relationship Between Comics and Pro Wrestling

 10:30AM — 12:00PM      Comic Book Law School 303: And Another Thing
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      CBLDF: Comics in the Classroom: Real-World Ideas for Engaging Your Students with Comics
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      CBLDF: Comics Censorship in 2015
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Background for Comic Books
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Adobe Photoshop: Enabling the 3D Printing Revolution
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      Childhood Dreams Come True: Writing Licensed Characters
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Let's Renaissance Again: Adding Science and Math into Art
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      Voice Acting Workshop with Voice Actor Wally Wingert
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      The Keys to Successful, Career-Changing Acting and Filmmaking in Today's New Entertainment Industry
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      Closing the Deal: Everything you Need to Know About Publishing Deals and Contracts

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      Spotlight on Carlos Ezquerra
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Drawn & Quarterly at Twenty-Five
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      Comic Industry Editorial Panel 2015
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Comics Uniting Nations: Bringing the World Together Using Words and Pictures
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Spotlight on Denis Kitchen
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Friendship, Fandom, and Unexpected Opportunities: Lora Innes and The Making of The Dreamer
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      IDW: So, You Want to Be in Comics
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Spotlight on Craig Yoe
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      Spiritual Themes in Comics
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      TeeFury: Shirts in the Pop-Culture Bubble
  8:00PM —  9:00PM Celebrating 25 Years of Valiant

 10:30AM — 11:30AM      Into the Badlands
 11:30AM — 12:30PM      Monster High Panel
 12:30PM —  1:30PM      Sid & Marty Krofft: A Look at the Future, Present, and the Past
  1:30PM —  2:30PM      VIZ Media and Perfect Square: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  2:30PM —  3:30PM      Wander Over Yonder: The Galactic Domination Tour
  3:30PM —  4:30PM      Doctor Who Comics Panel: Year Two, Crossover Event and New Miniseries!
  4:30PM —  6:00PM      That 70s Panel
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      Max Brooks Zombie Revelations
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      Fight Club 2

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      Are You Ready, Kids?: Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants
 11:15AM — 12:15PM      Blindspot Pilot Screening and Q&A
 12:30PM —  1:30PM      Marvel: House of Ideas
  1:45PM —  2:45PM      Spotlight on Stan Lee
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      The Muppet Show Coming to ABC
  4:15PM —  5:15PM      LEGO Marvel's Avengers: From Silver Screen to Console
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      Salem
  6:45PM —  7:45PM      The Bold Voice of Contemporary Horror Film: Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, and SpectreFest

 10:30AM — 11:30AM      Marvel Animation Presents
 11:45AM —  1:00PM      Quick Draw!
  1:00PM —  2:30PM      Cartoon Voices 1
  2:45PM —  3:45PM      Marvel: Cup O'Joe
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      William Shatner's Man O' War: Cinematic Graphic Novel
  5:15PM —  6:15PM      Person of Interest Special Video Presentation and Q&A
  6:15PM —  7:15PM      Containment Pilot Screening and Q&A
  7:30PM —  8:30PM      An Hour with Adam Savage
  9:15PM — 10:15PM      Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      New DC Universe the Lighter Side: Are You Ready?
 11:15AM — 12:15PM      New DC Universe: Batman: Are You Ready?
 12:30PM —  1:30PM      DC Entertainment: Grant Morrison: The Multiversity and Beyond!
  1:45PM —  1:45PM      DC Entertainment: My Secret Origin, or How I Broke into Comics
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Outcast TV Series: A First Look with Robert Kirkman
  4:15PM —  5:15PM      Image Comics: Where Creators Own Aesthetics
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      New DC Universe: The Upstarts: Are You Ready?
  6:45PM —  7:45PM      The Walking Dead: An Inside Look with Robert Kirkman
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      Rooster Teeth: Lazer Team and More!
  9:15PM — 10:15PM      Scream Queens: World Premiere Screening

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      My Book Is a Movie/TV Show: Now What?
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Book to Screen
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      Sci-Fi/Fantasy Family Feud
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Image Comics: Where Creators Own Reality
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Spotlight on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Creator Kazuki Takahashi
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Dark Horse Takes Over the World
  4:00PM —  5:30PM      Oddball Comics Live!
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      The Art of Character Design
  6:30PM —  7:30PM      Magic: The Gathering: Magic Origins
  7:30PM —  8:30PM      Obsidian Entertainment
  8:30PM —  9:30PM      Gaia Online

 10:30AM — 11:30AM      Comics for Impact: Healing Wounds of War
 11:30AM — 12:30PM      Kodansha Comics
 12:30PM —  1:30PM      The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide at 45
  1:30PM —  2:30PM      Minimates Mini-Figures: From Ant-Man to Zombies
  2:30PM —  3:30PM      Writing Engaging Nonfiction Comics
  3:30PM —  4:30PM      Camp Out with Lumberjanes!
  4:30PM —  5:30PM      Vulture's Valiant Writers Roundtable
  5:30PM —  6:30PM      Storytelling in Comics
  6:30PM —  7:30PM      The Jinnrise Journey: From Comic Book to Animated Series
  7:30PM —  8:30PM      Action Figure Insider Presents: 10 Years of Talking About Toys
  8:30PM —  9:30PM      The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition

 10:00AM — 11:00AM      Let's Create a Cartoon Series
 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Top Cow: 2016 Brings a New Talent Hunt, New Projects, and More
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      Remembering the Golden Age with Irwin Hasen
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      The Super Type of Ira Schnapp
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Keep YA Weird
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Spotlight on Jimmie Robinson
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      Milestone 2.0: The Return of the Mack
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Man of Action: Taking Comics from Print to Screen
  6:00PM —  7:00PM      Spotlight on Reginald Hudlin
  7:00PM —  8:00PM      Author Talk with Del Rey Books
  8:00PM —  9:00PM      Spec Fiction Sneak Peek: What's New from HarperCollins

 11:00AM — 12:00PM      Kids' Comics Summit
 12:00PM —  1:00PM      Age Categories
  1:00PM —  2:00PM      Librarian/Educator Fall 2015 Kids' Graphic Novel Buzz
  2:00PM —  3:00PM      Contemporary Issues in Graphic Novel Publishing for Educators and Librarians
  3:00PM —  4:00PM      Events for Community Engagement
  4:00PM —  5:00PM      CBLDF Protecting Comics in Libraries
  5:00PM —  6:00PM      Librarian Talkback

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