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Saturday Picks
« on: July 09, 2016, 02:40:46 PM »
10:00  23ABC  MARCH: Featuring Congressman John Lewis - At last, the final chapter is here. Meet the man they call a real-life superhero and witness history in the making, as the legendary civil rights icon, U.S. congressman, and #1 bestselling graphic novel author John Lewis returns! Together with award-winning collaborators Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell, Congressman Lewis has brought his incredible story to new life with the graphic novel trilogy March. Join all three to celebrate the completion of the saga in March: Book Three, a must-read account of the Mississippi Freedom Summer and the Selma-Montgomery March, and so much more, available exclusively at Comic-Con for a limited time. Learn how March is transforming the understanding of the civil rights movement, and the powerfully urgent lessons that it brings to new generations today, and get ready to move your feet!

10:00  6A  What Happened - How many great (or terrible?) scripts lie forgotten in the bottom of Hollywood filing cabinets? How did they get there? Why are they still there? Why were they never made? Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne (the dynamic duo behind the hit documentary The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?) and surprise panelists uncover some of Hollywood's greatest urban legends, from Superman Lives to Jodorowsky's Dune.

11:30  Horton Grant Theatre  Creating Universes - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Cosmos, Star Talk) hosts an A-List panel of creators, including Len Wein (co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine), who will discuss how universes are formed with the imagination and with science. Renowned artist Rob Prior (Game of Thrones, Star Wars) will provide a live painting exhibition during the panel.

11:30  26AB  Comic Arts Conference: Queering Comics - Johnathan Flowers (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) uses the work of Sara Ahmed to analyze b***h Planet's "non-compliance" as the phenomenological experience of being against the established order, using examples from the comic and the larger cultural movement to articulate non-compliance as an act of resistance. Ayanna Dozier (McGill University) examines how b***h Planet's use of subversive humor, sartorial advertisements, and essay writing serve as a feminist disruption of the comic book canon, as a demonstration of the parodic that is only successful because of De Connick's thoughtful and careful interrogation of how gender affects bodies that exist on the intersection of race and class. Ajani Brown (San Diego State University) traces the history of Jill Trent, Science Sleuth, from the Golden Age to her recent reboot by Super Dames Comics, discussing the feminist commentary in select 1940s issues, the futurist aspect of the series, and the 2015 change in racial identity.

12:00  Pacific 24 North Tower Marriot Marquis  Building a Superhero Body - Rehan Jalali (bestselling author and nutritionist to the stars), Latreal Mitchell (top celebrity fitness expert and TV personality), and Grant Roberts (leading celebrity fitness and nutrition expert), a.k.a. the Bod Squad, discuss tips to getting that chiseled superhero physique!

12:00  30CDE  CBLDF: Sex, Violence, and the Law - What does the law allow comics to say? CBLDF and FIRE team up for an in-depth look at the legal precedents that have been set that concern free speech and how they impact comics. FIRE president Greg Lukianoff and CBLDF executive director Charles Brownstein engage in a freewheeling discussion and Q&A for creators, fans, and students about what the limits are for free expression in comics.

12:00 25ABC  DIY: Comics Reinventing the Mainstream -  The world of comics is constantly in flux. And as technology and readership evolves, a few people use the tools available to them-be it 24-hour-copy shops, desktop publishing, or blogging software-to create something that's uniquely their own and changes the entire landscape. In this program, Patrick A. Reed (Depth of Field, ComicsAlliance) assembles some of comics' most innovative talents to discuss the works they've created, the methods they use to connect with audiences, and how they've reinvented popular culture along the way.

12:00  29AB  Reading Without Walls - National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese), discusses his official platform, Reading Without Walls, with Hank Green (Nerdfighter). Reading Without Walls encourages people to read outside their comfort zone, exploring books in subjects, formats, and audiences they don't typically gravitate to and thereby discovering new (and awesome) things.

12:30  5AB  Star Trek: The Roddenberry Vault - On September 8, 1966, a new television series premiered with a basic mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Little did anyone expect Star Trek to become one of the most adored and influential entertainment icons of the last half-century. Fans have watched and re-watched episodes over and over. But what if there were another scene or a different version of a scene? What impact would it have on the episode? Star Trek documentarian Roger Lay, Jr., Rod Roddenberry, CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment and son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, CBS's Phil Bishop, and Star Trek alumni Mike and Denise Okuda will reveal never-before-seen clips and photos from some of Star Trek's most beloved episodes.

1:00  30CDE  CBLDF: Banned Books Week - Engage your community with Banned Books Week! This year's Banned Books Week celebrates diversity, which is disproportionately targeted by censors. CBLDF executive director Charles Brownstein, Erwin Magbanua (San Diego Public Library), and others examine about why comics and books by diverse creators and featuring diverse characters are challenged, how to report and fight censorship, and how to make a celebration of Banned Books Week in your community.

1:00  26AB  Comic Arts Conference: Focus on Trina Roberts - Comics Arts Conference special guest Trina Robbins is a writer, cartoonist, and comics herstorian. A leader in the feminist underground comix movement with her landmark It Ain't Me, Babe Comix and co-founding of the Wimmen's Comix Collective, Robbins is also a renowned chronicler of the history of women in comics. Her work includesThe Great Women Superheroes, Pretty In Ink: North American Women Cartoonists 1896-2013, and The Brinkley Girls: The Best of Nell Brinkley's Cartoons from 1913-1940. Robbins, a Will Eisner Hall of Fame inductee, has also written Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story, Honey West, GoGirl! and contributed to Sensation Comics and Girl Comics. Her latest opus, The Complete Wimmen's Comix, collects every issue of this first continuing all-woman produced comic book anthology. Jennifer K. Stuller (Ink-Stained Amazon, GeekGirlCon) moderates.

1:00  23ABC  Hollywood to Bollywood via Dubia: Tomorrows Movie Production Super-Triangle - Directors, actors, producers, and film financiers from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Dubai reveal the ins and of outs of getting projects funded and produced in the heart of tomorrow's movie production super-triangle. The panel will explore Dubai's recently constructed Dubai Studio-City and Bollywood's new international production policy, both of which are looking for productions shot in partnership with the U.S. The panel covers aspects of this new production formula, from financing to shooting a movie to premiering. Panelists include Pooja Batra (One Under the Sun), Ismail Khan (Hollywood Global Productions), Griff Furst (Ghost Shark), Ashok Banker (Ten Kings), Sunny Vacher (casting), Maureen Hubley (Ancient Temple Films), Jude Gerard Prest (director), and moderator Eric Forsberg (Mega Prianha).

1:00  29AB  The Kids Comics Revolution - The kids' comics industry has changed drastically in the last decade, with more kids than ever starting to read comics. Authors Emily Carroll (Through the Woods), John Patrick Green (Hippoptamister), Noelle Stevenson (Nimona), G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel), and Gene Luen Yang (National Ambassador for Young People's Literature) discuss how and why that change has happened and what's so awesome about it. Moderated by Tracy Brown (LA Times Hero Complex).

2:00  Hall H  Star Trek - September 8, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek's first broadcast. What began as a TV show became a window into the future and a reflection of our greatest hopes and dreams. By envisioning a world where technology and science improve the human condition, and where peace and unity transcend conflict and separation, Star Trek has inspired children, parents, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and viewers around the world. It's also spurred countless real-world innovations and "firsts," giving name to a Space Shuttle (the Enterprise), launching one of the first and most passionate worldwide fandoms, and featuring the first interracial kiss on American network television. Join William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan, and Brent Spiner for a conversation moderated by Bryan Fuller, executive producer of the new Star Trek television series coming to CBS All Access, following its network premiere in 2017.

3:00  6DE  DC 75 Years of Wonder Woman - In her 75-year publishing history, Wonder Woman has become one of the most popular and influential icons of all time, both as a "disciple of peace and love" and an "invincible enemy of injustice"! Don't miss this historic panel with topnotch talent and a few surprise guests who have shaped the Amazing Amazon into the hero and inspiration she is today.

3:00  28DE  Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: Designing and Filming Starships - Star Trek concept designer Rick Sternbach and visual effects producer Dan Curry discuss exactly what it takes to take a starship from the page to the screen and how the process has changed since Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted in 1987 with the introduction of CG. The panel will be moderated by Ben Robinson (Eaglemoss Collections), and everyone who attends will receive a free model Starship from Eaglemoss's collection.

3:00  Indigo Ballroom  Syfy's The Expanse - Get a sneak peek of the new season of Syfy's critically acclaimed series from writers of Children of Men and Iron Man, based on the New York Times bestselling book series. Moderator Adam Savage (MythBusters, Tested) and the cast and executive producers preview the aftermath of season 1's explosive finale.

3:30  24ABC  20 Years of Tomb Raider" lara Croft's Multilmedia Empire - In 1996 Lara Croft was unleashed on the world-her story of action, adventure, and intrigue told through a stunning and groundbreaking video game. Throughout the past two decades the Tomb Raider franchise has left a mark on all facets of pop culture and entertainment, from critically acclaimed video games to record-breaking Hollywood movies to bestselling comic series to chart-topping singles. Crystal Dynamics presents a panel that explores Lara Croft's multimedia empire, with top-tier talent who brought her to life in these unique mediums: Camilla Luddington (voice and performance artist for Lara Croft), Noah Hughes (franchise creative director), and Andy Park (comic and concept artist).

4:00 We Are All Heroes: the Changing Landscape of Comics, Geekdom, and Fanboy Culture - With the landscape of geekdom evolving, Cashmere Agency's executive vice president Ryan Ford has assembled a star-studded, diverse panel to discuss the evolution of comic book, video gaming, and fanboy culture, and its growing popularity among a new audience-specifically African Americans, women, LGBTQ, and other minorities. Joined by Ryan Coogler (director, Black Panther), Cheo Cooker (producer, Luke Cage), Kellvin Chavez (editor, Latino-Review), and Jamie Broadax (founder, BlackGirlNerds). Cashmere Agency has worked with a slew of titles in the geekdom community, including Star Wars, The Boondocks, Game of Thrones, and Tekken. The panelists are eager to shed light on how minorities are making an impact within the entertainment medium.

5:00  30CDM  You Don't Need Talent to Learn Drawing - Wei Xu, Ph.D. (artist, mathematician, computer scientist, author) will talk about tricks of using simple geometry and computer graphics techniques to manage and construct complicated shapes. His scientific drawing method, a.k.a. "ABC (Angle Based Constructive)" method enables an average person, from kids to seniors, to master basic drawing skill much more efficiently.

6:00  5AB  Trek Talks: Star Trek & NASA Boldly Go - Star Trek has influenced many of us to fall in love with the infinite possibilities of space exploration. The various television series and films have also made an indelible impact on NASA. NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts often cite Star Trek as inspiring them to pursue careers in their fields. (Nichelle Nichols even helped NASA recruit astronauts in the 1980s.) Today, NASA is turning science fiction into reality. Humans now live and work in space full time on the International Space Station. SNASA continues its goal of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s. How does NASA's vision of the future mimic the world of Star Trek and where does it differ? What technologies in the Star Trek world have paved the way for real technologies being developed by NASA? This moderated discussion in collaboration with CBS will be accompanied by the latest visual and graphics of some of NASA's newest and most exciting missions. Robert Picardo, who portrayed The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, moderates a panel that includes Astronaut Kjell Lindgren (NASA Johnson Space Center), Amber Staughn (astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Bobak Ferdowsi (flight systems engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and Jay Falker (early stage portfolio executive, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters).
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Re: Saturday Picks
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UT's highlights ->

Comic-Con 2016: Saturday Schedule Lineup for Saturday, July 22, features Marvel Studios, Arrow and Warner Bros.

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