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Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron
« on: April 01, 2019, 11:49:10 AM »
I saw this panel/screening with my wife and 4 year old.  I personally LOVE Marvel's approach to this 'movie'/special.  Marvel's head of animation explained that when they set out to do a special focusing on some of Marvel's female heroes, they went right to the target demo to find out what to do.  They were asking teen and pre-teen girls what characters they wanted to see and what characteristics of said character(s) was important for them to represent.

As a dad of two sons, it's incredibly important for me to expose them to strong female properties, and my wife have strived to raise them to not see patriarchal views of society.  That being said, I wasn't sure how my toddler would do sitting through a 45 min. program.  His first movie in a theater was LEGO MOVIE 2, and he was good for the most part, though he got up and danced a few times.  In the confines of a panel room, w/out a lot of legroom in the aisles, I was a little nervous and my wife and I prepared ourselves to maybe having to get up and leave .

Needless to say he was RIVETED!
And so were my wife and I!

For no other reason this special gives us the Squirrel Girl/Ms. Marvel team-up Marvel fans needed!  The show works well, though obviously it's designed for a much different demographic than myself (a low-40s year old guy).  The voice work is solid and the animation is solid: nothing groundbreaking, but totally serviceable.  The story is good enough, with most of the beats being fairly predictable.  I liked the characters, and they're all pretty much exactly as you would want to see them in an animated special/short.  It got a good reaction, but it felt like the special was not necessarily geared towards the demo in the room (for example, when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on in our house, my 4 year old LOVES it but it's not for me - that's a mega extreme example, but you get the idea).

I suspect the target demo will love this show, and if they don't it's certainly not for Marvel's lack of trying to specifically cater to them.  If you're a fan of the characters definitely check it out: I dunno when we'll see Ms. Marvel & Squirrel Girl (or Lockjaw, for that matter) represented again, especially if this doesn't do as well as Marvel wants.  I'm pretty sure this is a 'one-shot' special, though at least some of these characters will return in newly-announced specials on their own