Author Topic: SW: Rise of the Skywalker ***spoilers***  (Read 3308 times)

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Re: SW: Rise of the Skywalker ***spoilers***
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The word is that the higher ups at Disney were afraid that Babu Frik would be the new Jar Jar so they had JJ cut down his scenes.  Babu is probably the best thing about the entire movie.

Now that it's had weeks to settle in and I just watched Last Jedi again last night.  I like Last Jedi more than Rise. I'm not that much of a fan of Last Jedi.  How can Disney make movies so great as the MCU and yet drop the ball so badly with Star Wars.  Other than Rogue One and the Mandalorian, the live action properties are disappointing.  It needs a reboot.  ROTJ only grossed 20 million in China.  That's big bomb territory in the world's second largest movie market.
I think we need to put the Skywalker business to bed and move on to new, unrelated stories in the SW universe.  I was really excited when I heard Rian Johnson was set to make a new trilogy in the SW universe with different characters and whatnot, but I have a feeling that's no longer the case.  I suspect there are too many awful, vocal, toxic fans that might've chased him away: after the brilliant, wonderfully entertaining KNIVES OUT has been a huge box office hit I think he's anxious to do another film ASAP.  I'm a huge fan of Rian Johnson in general, so I'll excitedly see any film the universe bestows on us.  As incredible as LOOPER is, I'd love to see more sci-fi Johnson, and if it's in the SW universe all the better.