Author Topic: SXSW Mar 13 - 22 2020  (Read 94 times)

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SXSW Mar 13 - 22 2020
« on: January 16, 2020, 12:45:51 PM »
Any SXSW veterans out there willing to take me under their wings.  I can't afford badges ($1450!!!!) but I just signed up for volunteering.  I moved here to San Antonio last year so I'm only an hour away and would love to go up and check things out.  Thinking of just driving up a few days so not worried about hotel and I'm not a huge band person.  I'm mostly looking at movie, comedy, and activations but I'm clueless on the whole thing and don't have any local friends that have gone.

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Re: SXSW Mar 13 - 22 2020
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 02:11:17 PM »
I have been a few times, only once with a badge.
Last year went with a badge and it was amazing.
I bought my badge on the secondary market and it was a fraction of that platinum badge price.
- Tip 1 - If you are an hour away from down town austin will be 2-3 hours away during SXSW.  Traffic is worse this week than any other time of year due to the various lane closures.  I know the year obama came in and spoke it was even worse....don't see the current president attenting.
- Tip 2 - Comedy shows are going to be your best bet to get into with no badge.  Just show up early and get in the stand by line (usually an hour before shows you are likely to be the front of the line.)
- Tip 3-  Twitter is your friend even if you don't have badges.  For instances uber eats was a good follow last year as there was free food all the time, no badge needed just go to the right places.
- Tip 4 - If you are into gaming the gaming convention is free (at least it was in previous years).  Go in and check out the hall even if you aren't a fan.
- Tip 5 - Movies - With no badge you aren't going to make it into the big premiers....but random c-tier movies you may have a shot at.  Be sure to just ask workers or look for stand by lines when you arrive to get in the right spot.  If you want to see the big movies, look and see if / when replays are.  The replays won't typically have directors/cast but still a chance to see great movies.  They add replays as the week goes on depending on which movies have the demand for it.
- Tip 6 - If you like meeting casts the premiers at the Paramount you will have a good shot at it if you show up like an hour before showtime.  They have red carpets and since the crowds are smallish most of the time they will come over and say hi, take selfies, sign autographs.  Met the cast of Stuber last year and they were all super nice.
- Tip 7 - Activation - depending on how off site they are...many don't care about badges at all.  If they aren't too far out of our way try to see if you can get in....worst case there is 50 other things going on at the same time and you walk a block away to something else.

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Re: SXSW Mar 13 - 22 2020
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