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DC FanDome movie thoughts
« on: August 24, 2020, 04:43:33 PM »
I'm kind of surprised there isn't a ton of chatter, so I'll add my thoughts on the movie presentations I watched.  I won't go in any particular order...

1) THE SUICIDE SQUAD - I'm a huge James Gunn (writer/director) fan, so I will follow him anywhere.  This looks exactly what you would hope for with this kind of film:
- crazy characters. Look at that list of characters that aren't Harley Quinn or Captain Boomerang (i.e. the more well-known characters/folks we know from the first film): Peacemaker (John Cena!); Black Guard (Pete Davidson!); Savant (Rooker!!); Weasel (Sean Gunn!); Blodsport (IDRIS FREAKING ELBA!!!!); The Thinker (Peter Capaldi!); Polka Dot Man; Ratcatcher; Javelin; and TDK, 'The Detachable Kid' (Nathan Fillian!); SHARK KING!!!  These are going to be a lot of fun because...
- the actors.  Look at that amazing cast: this will be entertaining, we know this
- James Gunn wrote & direct. That's all we need to know; the man has not lead us wrong yet!
- This is going to be a darker, maybe more violent (meaning, characters above will certainly die) version of the nutty fun of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
I'm most excited for this film, and hope that this will get a SDCCI 2021 panel

2) THE BATMAN - I grew up a huge Batman fan, the first comic lines I collectly monthly/bi-weekly/whenever in the 1980's.  I even called and voted to kill Robin in the late 80's.  That being said, I think Nolan gave us a great 'Batman Year 1' story arc and I'm not thrilled with the idea of revisiting that period in young Bruce's life.
And then I heard director Matt Reeve talk about what he wants to do, and his inspiration.  His passion, and his ideas (and his track record: the APES sequels are flat-out great, LET ME IN is a real good movie, especially if you don't know the Swedish original, and CLOVERFIELD is incredibly solid for what it is, which is a miniscule budgeted giant monster movie), piqued my interest.  Then he rolled a teaser trailer, from only 1/4 of the way through the film's shoot, and I became interested.  I really like ideas he's going for, and a solid cast make me cautiously optimistic this will be good.  Paul Dano as Riddler is diabolical, and I'm hyped for that.  This looks good.

3) BLACK ADAM - not much here, since there's no script or anything yet.  The Rock has been working on this since at least 2014, so he's passionate about the character.  Introducing the Justice Society of America is a cool idea, even if it feels a bit closer to Infinity inc with the descendants of legacy characters.  Should be interesting to watch develop

4) WONDER WOMAN 1984. this panel that kicked off the event was really awkwardly staged, with giant screens for the cast and director and real long shot of the lame moderators, so it looked like Chris Pine looked like a Kaiju about to eat the moderators!  The footage was cool, but didn't wow me like the original teaser did.  Patty Jenkins and the cast knocked it out of the park, and the "fish out of water reversal" in 1984 will work for some laughs, so I'm not worried about this one.  I was underwhelmed a little, and that bummed me out, but I'm already sold.

5) SHAZAM! 2 (or should I say Shazam!: Fury of the Gods).  Again, not a lot to share but the title.  I can't tell if the Sinbad schtick was a joke or for real, but I kinda hope it was meant as a joke, everyone took it seriously, and they're now stuck with him in the cast.  I really enjoyed the first movie, and I look forward to its sequel: any film that sets up the big bad as being a talking caterpillar is aces in my book, and I will flock to the sequel

6) JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder cut/presentation/miniseries or whatever. I've started a thread about my thoughts on this.  We now know it'll be a four hour miniseries, though how it's cut (and if the time of each hour-long episode includes huge credits or not we don't know) is anyone's guess: as a legit series, with cliffhangers and self-contained ish "episodes," or as an awkwardly-cutup 4 hour movie.  Snyder used "Hallelujah," (or 'reused from WATCHMEN, if you will) which feels on the nose, or eye-rolley for me but whatever.  We get the dark aesthetic folks seems to want more of, some bad video game cut scenes of unfinished CGI, and some promises of more characterizations for Flash and Cyborg, which I legit look forward to.  I'm neither hyped nor against this, but I'll watch it next year when it drops none the less.

I unfortunately missed THE FLASH presentation, but I'm hyped for whatever the pseudo-Flashpoint movie story we'll get.  I'll be curious to see how many Batmen we get