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Ausiello Is Planning His Party

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I sent a question into his weekly column and he actually answered it! I know a large amount of people look forward to this.

Question: You always say it’s never to early to ask for a scoop, so… what’s the word on your super-awesome annual Comic-Con party? -Barbara

Ausiello: It’s still in the planning stages. But I can confirm the presence of alcohol and light crudité. And there’s a decent chance I’ll once again be greeting you at the door with free swag.


Question: Any SDCC party updates? -Richard

Ausiello: Should be posting some news on my Twitter feed in the next 48 hours. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to block off Thursday evening (July 18) on your Comic-Con sked. You know, just in case.


FYI: Details on how to win a pass to the 5th annual Aushole gathering @ Comic-Con will be released [SPOILER] am/EST Friday here on Twitter!

Thanks for the info! That's why I started following him on Twitter last year, I don't have a lot of hope of getting into the party but it's worth a try!  Haha while I was writing this it just showed up on my Twitter feed, thanks for bringing it all full circle!!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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No problem!

Thanks for the heads up.

You're welcome! I know it's always on the top of my list!


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