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Veronica Mars Event in Gaslamp Friday 7:30pm July 19, 2013

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Jim Watari:
From the Kick starter e-mail update #20

Hi again.
Yesterday I promised we'd have more specifics about our plans for San Diego Comic Con. Here's what I know so far:
We'll definitely be there in July. We're still working with the organizers to figure out if we'll be holding an official, scheduled panel as part of ComicCon. I'll let you know when I hear more about that, but either way, you'll be able to meet us for autograph signings at the Warner Bros. booth.
We're throwing our own private event, just for our fans. After yesterday's update, a lot of you asked whether our SDCC event would be open to people who weren't able to get passes for ComicCon itself. And happily, the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Even if we have an official panel at SDCC, we're planning to pull out all the stops for our own exclusive event, so this is the one you'll want to be at.
The Veronica Mars Fan Event (don't worry, we'll come up with a better name for it) will happen on July 19, 2013 at 7:30 PM, in what I understand to be an intimate theatrical venue in the Gaslamp District, near the Convention Center.
I'll be there, along with as many of our cast members as I can bring along, and we'll be doing an exclusive Q & A session. And yes, since you're wondering: we will be debuting some exclusive footage from the movie, and you will be the first to see it. (Except for me and our editors, obviously.) Doors will open at 7, and admission will be first-come, first-served... unless you want to reserve a spot now.
For those of you that do, we're going to be adding a few Comic Con related reward options tomorrow (Thursday) at exactly 1:00 pm EST.
The SDCC Fan Package guarantees you a single reserved seat for the Fan Event, in case you want to roll up fashionably late without waiting in line, and the SDCC VIP Package guarantees you a reserved seat up front at the Fan Event and some face time with me and the cast during a brief invite-only Meet & Greet event the same day.
(For those of you who can't make it to San Diego, don't worry: we'll also be recording the entire event so that all of our backers get to see it.)
Finally, I promised that we'd have some news for Logan fans. We will, I promise. We're finalizing the details with Jason now. What I can tell you tonight is that if you're a Logan fan (or a Jason fan), you'll want to look for another Backer Update tomorrow morning. In addition to the Comic Con rewards, we'll be announcing one more reward option that will also be available tomorrow starting at 1:00 pm EST.
I think that's enough excitement for one day. 48 hours to go, gang.
Let's finish this out right.
- Rob

Sounds pretty amazing for fans of the show!  I never watched it, but very cool the way this is all unfolding.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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good way to continue the kickstarter momentum. over $5 mil now and will probably get another nice bump when they announce the SDCC related options. might contribute for a guaranteed seat.

I am so excited for this! Definitely will be keeping my eye out for the donation option today - I hope it's not ridiculous because I really want a spot and my friend who didn't get a Comic-con ticket might fly in just for the party if she can get one.

Transmute Jun:
I agree, this sounds great for fans of the show! This project and the Enterprise Bridge Restoration project are both examples to me of how fans are now able to make a direct difference in supporting the entertainment they want to see.

I'm so happy for all of the VM fans!


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