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I'm still able to get Orchestra-level seating.

Are you guys doing it by the interactive seat map? Click on that and select Best available instead. The seat map wasn't loading for me and I had row L in the center when I just tried searching for seats again.

I did do the interactive seating chart, it was a little slow, but I prefer to select my own. I work in ticketing for a fine arts organization and I know how funky the "best available" seats can sometimes be.  Sometimes the parameters that define best might not be what you would consider best.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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DH was doing the interactive seat thing. Great seats Jeff! DH did say he had fourth row on the side, but it errored out on him on checkout. I like to be either near the front or front row of a balcony. I am short, and always seem to have the luck to be behind someone tall and am constantly craning my neck to see. So-floor seats aren't usually a priority unless I get super close. Nothing against tall people! They bought tickets (before me, apparently. :) ) and can't help their height (I am a bit jealous though!).
Here's what the view will look like from our seats:
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Got mine, yay!

Oh, I want to go to this sooo bad - I'm loving his new show - but I promised my sister we would go to Masquerade.  So many choices of things to do!  Last year we messed up and ending up watching Masquerade on the screens at the Sails Pavilion.  This year we will be there to help hold places in line, etc.  You can count on us!


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