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Don't take this layout as definitive. I'm listed in two spaces where I will not be, they gave my table to someone else without telling me, the artists alley location for me is also wrong. I have no idea where on that floor I'll be at this point. Just glad I found out today and not when I showed up at the con.

Yeek.  Sounds stressful.  Please post your final location here when you know where your booth will be.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Thanks Chris, I still have the Friends Of CCI lanyard from Wondercon which I'll be sure to bring, looking forward to saying hi!

If you see me and I'm just walking past, yell my name.  I am usually pretty overwhelmed and zombified at the show and I miss stuff.

I was **just** about to post a disclaimer on the OP for that very fact! (but distracted myself)


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