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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Will Not Be At Comic Con 2012!

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According to the ComicBookMovie.com site, the rumors are untrue and

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Will Not Appear At This Year's San Diego Comic Con After All

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Real Canadian superDAVE:
In reading the article you posted, I noticed it was based on a tweet from Drew McWeeny, which led me to go check out his Twitter feed. Scolling through I happened upon a link he included to an article he wrote on the phenomenon he's calling "The Fan-trum". Here it is:

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I think you're going to see exactly this kind of behaviour surface if Warner Brothers does not bring any special event for "The Dark Knight Rises" to this year's Comic-Con. There will be those who cry long and loud about how they're somehow "owed" an appearance from Nolan and/or the film itself. Which, in my opinion, is ridiculous.

Film-making is still a business, and if they're going to do something at the convention, it's going to be based on monetary reasons, not out of any sense of obligation to the fans.

If there's a panel, a screening, or even some kind of party to celebrate the movie, then look at that as a bonus. But if they don't rise to the occasion, you can certainly be disapointed, just don't get angry about it.

It's also no stretch to see that this whole "Fan-trum" business also seems to come into play with Comic-Con itself. Whether it centers on badges, hotel rooms or anything else connected to the event.

You read comments from those who say they've been going for years, so they should get first dibs at whatever it is going up for sale. Then there are those who say they've wanted to go forever and ever, and now that they're finally ready to do it, those mean people at Comic-Con are dashing their dreams out of some kind of spite.

Oh well, it's just basic human nature, I guess.

Apologies for the rambling digression, but in its own convoluted way I really do think it pertains to a lot of what we're seeing this year.    :P

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