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Go Go Godzilla!

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frak me!

and here i was going to take it easy wednesday...nope, guess i have somewhere to be...

We saw the tweet before that, where something "dope" was teased. DH jokingly said "is he going to come out of the bay? That would be way more than just dope"? I think we used the word epic too, when we were talking about that. Looks like we were going in the right direction. Can't wait to see what happens!

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Wow. I've got to see that

I'm guessing (IF this is actually true), that the effect will be done through a large scale water-screen projection. Like this.

When you think about it this would be the perfect way to showcase/reveal Godzilla's new design.

That aqua hologram is way cool!  If it happens at night, I'll be able to see it!  So excited!


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