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True Blood party & scavenger hunt for invites

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True blood (and imdb) are throwing a party at side bar on Saturday!!

I heard that they are having a hunt for invites, all you need to do is collect the three colored wristbands and instagram a photo of the set. If anyone can confirm I'd appreciate it.

Im not sure if i am even posting in the correct area. I cant make it to comic-con this year. Im trying to see what a seller is offering at their booth. Im looking to see if someone can stop by a dealers booth there and just take a few pictures of their artwork. Im looking to then contact the seller and buy some of their stuff.

Im not asking about the exclusives or anything like that. Just a small vendor at the show who might have some cool artwork.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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If you donate blood, they give you all three wristbands.

Jumping Jehosaphat:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginIf you donate blood, they give you all three wristbands.

--- End quote ---

That sucks (lol). I cannot give blood as I am diabetic

A photo of what set?


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