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panel questions(kinda about the simpsons)

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hey first time goer. i am mostly going to see the simpsons panel. i got scared when the show almost did not come back this year. my question is, how long do you need to wait to make sure you get in for these panels? and what day is the simpsons panel usually? thank you. will be asking tons of newbee questions on here leading up to july 12th

Rule of thumb for panels is roughly 3 hours prior. Add more or less time based on the size of the room, popularity and panels that come before and after it.

For the simpsons it was in ballroom 20 on saturday last year You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login because of this I would camp out the room as soon as the doors open in the morning simply because of the high caliber of panels that show around it will have people camping out all day as well.

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thank you very much for the info

when the schedule comes out, they'll have a chart per room, so you'll be able to easily see what panels are in the room prior & post.  That info will be *very* helpful in planing out how early to line up.

Another question about the panels. I was looking at last year and futurama was held at 12 and Simpsons at 1. I believe they were in the same room. For the panels room once you get in there do you stay in there till you want to leave or once a panel is done do you have to leave? Thank you


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