Author Topic: the annual couch potato thread or what's your preferd 'get in shape' activity?  (Read 64867 times)

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I've been walking the 2 miles home rather than taking the bus. Increasing trips to the gym for extra walking cardio and weights. And yoga. I will be stretchy and ready to stand in lines and sit in small chairs.

Good job!

around 20 years ago, I went in for a physical and was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, an irregular heartbeat (afib) and diabetes.  I'd managed to lose a bunch of weight, got the cholesterol numbers under control, controlled my high blood with medication and got my diabetes a1c numbers ok.

The afib was still problematic, as it would trigger with stress (mental or physical), hot weather, not enough sleep and too much caffeine.  Just over a year ago, at Anime Los Angeles, during the dead of winter (cold) I had one of my afib attacks.  When I get an attack, I just go down for the count and have to lay on the ground until the dizziness passes.

I knew I had to do something, so I started walking.  I got myself up to 3 miles a day 7 days a week after seeing a group of older women walking around a large parking lot near where I live.  The youngest lady in the group at the time was 78.  The oldest who used a walker was 94 years old.  They all walked 3 miles around the parking lot each time they would come out.  They'd been doing the walking for 40 years!  While 21 miles a week was helpful for me, I eventually had to cut my walking days down to 4 days a week, just like the ladies who gave me the inspiration to walk. 

Oh, I am the baby of the group now as I am 4 months shy of being 70 years old.