Author Topic: Carpool / Rideshare Available - SLO County to SD  (Read 668 times)

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Carpool / Rideshare Available - SLO County to SD
« on: May 15, 2015, 11:17:21 AM »
Hey everyone! After a particularly bad experience with Amtrak last year, I decided I wanted to do a carpool down to the con this year. I know I met quite a few con-goers on the train from my area, as well as more along the way, so I'm hoping this will be fairly easy to arrange. Here's a basic rundown of details:

Trip Logistics:
  • Will depart from Atascadero, CA early in the morning on Wednesday (the 8th) and return from San Diego sometime in the afternoon on Sunday (the 12th). I'm aiming for an early-to-mid-afternoon arrival time in San Diego on the 8th.
  • Estimated travel time is 6.5 hours according to Google maps, though that may vary depending on stops
  • Vehicle to be driven is a 2010 Subaru Forester. There are seats enough for four passengers, a spacious trunk for luggage, and we have a cargo clamshell for the roof as needed. Car is up-to-date on maintenance including new tires as of last month, new windshield, breaks have been checked, and oil will be changed before the trip.

Passenger Logistics:
  • I am a licensed California driver and have been driving for over three years now. I am an AAA member.
  • I have experience driving long distances, but would prefer at least one other passenger to be a licensed + experienced driver so that we can trade off as necessary.
  • If you live NORTH of SLO county but would like to join in this carpool, my house has a separate parking area out back that you could leave your own vehicle at and could connect from there.
  • If you live SOUTH of SLO county but would like to join in this carpool, I will have a list of potential stops en-route to the convention where I can pick you up. NOTE: Planned route of travel is 101 South to the 405, then connecting to the 5 just past LA.

About myself: My name is Alexei, I am 21, male, LGBT+ friendly, a cosplayer, and have been attending conventions since 2008. This year will be my second SDCC.

Travel Expenses: For this carpool, all I ask in return is that you pay your share of gas money, and be respectful of the car. The cost of gas depends on how many passengers are in the car. I also know that the price of gas seems to be on a steady incline, but my hope is that with enough people in the car, it won't be too big of an expense. Approximate prices-per-person are as follows:
One Passenger = $65 round trip
Two Passengers = $45 round trip
Three Passengers = $35 round trip
Four Passengers = $25 round trip

Note: These numbers may be subject to change in accordance with how gas prices are at the time of travel.

Potential Stops: I.e., places where we'll be able to stop along the way, either to change drivers or to pick up/drop off passengers:
San Luis Obispo
Arroyo Grande
Santa Maria
Buellton / Solvang
Santa Barbara
Ventura / Oxnard
Thousand Oaks
San Juan Capistrano
San Clemente
Oceanside / Carlsbad

I think that  covers all the details! If you're interested in carpooling, have questions, anything, feel free to shoot me an email at: [email protected]
Hope to hear from some people soon!