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FDR: American Badass screening at SDCC


We've just received word that FDR: American Badass. which is in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, has been picked up by Screen Media Films and will have its first screening at the San Diego Comic-Con. Read on for details.

From the Press Release
A new film by Ross Patterson, “FDR: American Badass,” has been acquired by Screen Media Films. Screen president Suzanne Blech announced that the film, starring Barry Bostwick, Kevin Sorbo, and William Mapother, will be available in the marketplace and on VOD in September 2012.

“We are very happy to have to opportunity to work with the Street Justice Films team of Tristan Drew, J.P. McMahon, and Ross Patterson again,” said Blech of the acquisition. “This talented filmmaking team has again delivered a timely and over-the-top horror/comedy in FDR: American Badass, and we expect to have great success together.”
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I saw the trailer yesterday and it is so over the top it's in orbit.

So you know I'm in! Having went to high school in the same NY town where FDR had a mansion and museum I can only say that its about time someone found a new way to exploit the dude.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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it's a little too camp for me but I am amazed by the talent maybe if there's nothing else to do & I need to miss the 7pm exodus rush..


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