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Hero Initiative Signing


So i figuered I would give every body a heads up as to a cool event that is happening durring San Diego Comic Con. The Hero Initiative usually has their own booth with different creators and artist singing books, toys and sketching. Allot of these guest still have not been announced either.

 I am no way connected to this event all the contact information is at the bottom of the announcement.

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Organized by the Hero Initiative & Paradise Comics!

These great creators have offered to sign a limited number of comic books at an exclusive
Paradise Comics event
during The San Diego Comic-Con with proceeds raised going to the
Hero Initiative.

Charlie Adlard

Amanda Conner

Kevin Eastman

Dave Gibbons

Dan Jurgens

David Lloyd

Francis Manapul

Jimmy Palmiotti

Joe Quesada

Nicola Scott

Herb Trimpe

All submisssions must be made directly at the Hero booth (5003)

before end of the convention Friday night.


No need to worry, books can be sent to
Hero Signing
Attn. Joel Elad
5694 mission Center Rd #602-444
San Diego, Ca 92108
They must be received by Friday July 6th

Prices are $38 per modern book (post 1980), which includes $10 going to the Hero Initiative.

Plus return shipping.

For books pre 1980 please email [email protected]
 for prices.

Each name after the first will be subject to a $15.00 charge
Each book that isn't prepped will be subject to a $3.00 fee.

Please check the link below on how to prep your books.


CGC has a new $5 submission fee (per submission, not per book)

We will be adding more creators to this list. Please check back often


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