Author Topic: Best Offsite You Went To/Offsite Review!  (Read 8239 times)

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Re: Best Offsite You Went To/Offsite Review!
« Reply #105 on: July 29, 2017, 02:56:12 PM »
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You know, I saw that on Thursday as they were still building it. I knew it was an IMAX thing but didn't know what they were doing. The next day it was down. I guess you had to get a pass at Marvel?

It was the IMAX thing they built at Horton Plaza. I saw an invite on Facebook .. they also invited everyone there at the Inhumans panel in b20 right after, said there was a screening then free food. I don't think you needed a pass as they didn't hand out any at the panel. And the Facebook invite didn't require sign up.
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Re: Best Offsite You Went To/Offsite Review!
« Reply #106 on: July 31, 2017, 05:42:35 PM »
We were able to do:
Conan on Wed
Netflix, AMC Deadquarters, Petco Interactive on Thur
Technology Expo thing at Omni on Sunday.

Out of those Conan was great as always but Netflix was probably my favorite.  Got some free food, several photo ops, tshirt, and stanger things swag.  Took about 90 minutes in line to get in which wasn't too bad and overall thought it was a great off site.  Deadquarters was ok, best part was the zombie actors randomly walking around.  Still really miss the Walking Dead Escape in Petco though :(  Petco Interactive was definitely a step up from previous year but unfortunately the main thing we went over there for was the IT VR but it was closed when we where there.  Tech expo was pretty great, everything was about a 10 min wait and had a bunch of super cool VR.  Post con VERY jealous about the Westworld and Bladerunner off sites, really wish I could have gone to those.  Last couple of years off sites have been very hit or miss with me so hesitant to spend hours in line for them but this year really seemed like an awesome year.  Hopefully that trend continues.

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Re: Best Offsite You Went To/Offsite Review!
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Not really an offsite, but I had so much fun/frustration with all the various prize drops/Twitter hunts going on this year, including and beyond the SDCCBlog's adventures. The thrill of the chase, y'all.