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5 day nycc.
« on: October 06, 2016, 11:49:00 PM »
the 5 day comic-con.

already a informal thing for dragon-con. People show up24 hours early. getting rest, and avoiding jet lag for their valuable time. also not giving a darn, and traveling about in costume early. it allows them to orient themselves before the big crowds. a unoffical 5th day.

this is how NYCC can profit, and please the fans.....and hotels.......

i am sure many brands want more space.
 but can only net a booth. or a audience hall.
 i would keep booths as they are, but for 5 days.
audience halls could be spread out then. certain brands could concentrate on certain days. perhaps only having stand up ads for certain products on certain days on the floor. allowing their brand to dominate that day. some brands have decided to just hold their own conventions, but allowing brands to dominate more, on one day, might appeal to them to not do so.

fans who only like certain venues, would be appeased more. if attending for only a day or two, if the right days, it would matter that much more. the crowds would still be as bad as it can be, without resulting in a gridlock. more tickets to be sold.

imagine a trading card game tourney? championship? gonna need a all day stage area-sized  set-up.

live game shows

nightclub transitions.

this should have been explored, before using nearby venues. but we cannot all be as smart as me.